There have been some rumblings that Hot Toys have been developing a 18-foot-long 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon. I refused to believe it. I mean what normal person would even have enough galactic credits to purchase a collectible that big and that expensive? But, here we are. Hot Toys has indeed made a Millennium Falcon in scale to their 1/6th scale Star Wars figures (which are around 12 inches). We have the pictures to prove it! 

This is our first real look as the massive construct, which will be on display at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong:





I think it’s pretty clear that Hot Toys just made this as a one-off display piece for conventions, much like their life-size Hulkbuster Iron Man vs The Hulk. However, Sideshow and Hot Toys do sell life-size Terminator Exoskeletons and a Han Solo in Carbonite. Why wouldn’t it be possible to assume they’d sell this as well, however unlikely.

It’s bigger than a mid sized car. I’m sure if it were for sale, it would go for well over $12,000. You’d need a whole garage to store it. And hey, at least that’d be one way to get rid of your in-laws from spending unwanted overnight stays – “oh, sorry, the spare bedroom is now a hanger bay for a ridiculously oversized collectible I bought. Have fun spending the night at a Hotel”.

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