Are Batman and Superman Coming to ‘Arrow’?


It looks as though fans of the show Arrow may get something they’ve been hoping for since the show premiered three years ago. One of the things that really makes a large, interconnected universe enjoyable is seeing different characters crossover and interact with each other, especially when the characters have decades of comic book history behind them that fans can look forward to seeing brought to life. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is dominating the box office right now (with other franchises hot on their tail), the Arrowverse currently has television pretty much locked down. The popularity of Arrow and The Flash has led to the development of another spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow. There’s even talk of a crossover between the Arrowverse and the successful new show Supergirl. The rapid expansion of the Arrowverse has led some fans to wonder whether they might even see DC‘s big three (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) on the small screen again. Recently, Steven Amell, Green Arrow himself, addressed this very question.

At a recent appearance at a Heroes & Villains Fanfest convention, Amell was asked if we might see someone as well-known as the Joker on Arrow, according to CB. Amell had this to say:

“Well, I mean, the short answer is yes, of course. Within the DC Universe, if they are in the DC Universe, if you were to ask if Iron Man could come to Arrow, I would be like, ‘Well, no, probably not.’ …But of course, The Joker could come to Arrow, Batman could come to Arrow, Superman could show up on The Flash. There’s a whole myriad of options because again DC and WB have a slate of films coming up, and those films happen, and maybe Arrow’s still around when they’re done. Or maybe there’s a change and people are just like, ‘You know what, let’s invest in something that’s doing well for us.’ So you never know.”

There you go! According to Amell himself it could of course conceivably probably maybe possibly happen. While that’s not exactly a sure thing, it is exciting to think about what Batman or Superman or Wonder Woman would bring to the Arrowverse. Especially since the most recent trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was met with something less than earthshaking enthusiasm, perhaps a relaxing trip to the small screen is just what the big guys need.

At the convention Amell was also asked who would win in a fight between Arrow and Batman. He replied:

“What do you want me to say? Well, Batman’s more experienced and his costumes cooler, and Arrow’s just a ripoff, so Batman would win for sure. No, I would win, absolutely.”

Since confidence is said to be one of the key components to winning a fight, maybe Amell should just make sure to stay on Batman’s good side. Whether fighting each other or side-by-side, most DC fans would like to see the two heroes on a screen together and, based on what Amell said, that’s a distinct possibility.

What do you think about a Batman/Green Arrow team-up? How would you like to see it handled?

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