We’re just one week away from the return of Arrow, the hit CW show, and my personal favorite hour of television, and we’ve got some goodies to get you warmed up for another mission in Starling City! A badass new trailer hyping the hunt for Brother Blood, and some semi-spoiler details on how we can expect the second half of the show to unfold, following the awesome mid-season finale are all waiting for you after the jump.

This show just keeps looking better and better. As Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues its journey into mediocrity, Arrow soars. Each episode is better than the last, and if this trailer is any indication, that trend will continue once the show returns from hiatus. You can check out the Facebook exclusive trailer (via Blastr) below:

Everything is getting turned up a notch; Oliver’s rocking the mask, Roy’s trying to get a handle on his new-found powers, and there are more challenges for Arrow to face than ever before (even caught a quick glimpse of Bronze Tiger in there!).

In related Arrow news, we’ve got a bit about at least one of the links between Arrow and Flash that will be set in place in the coming episodes, but if you want to be completely surprised by everything that’s to come, beware of the **** MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD! ****


It seems like a pretty obvious move, but after his terrible accident, Barry Allen will have love interest and fan-favorite (well, at least my favorite) Felicity Smoak coming to Central City to take care of him. As things are getting worse in Starling City, one can only imagine this’ll create even more problems for Ollie and Diggle. One of my favorite parts of the episodes featuring Barry Allen was the budding relationship between he and Felicity, so it makes sense that they’d want to take advantage of that, but I hope she doesn’t stay away from Arrow for too long.

That’s all for now; enjoy these tidbits, then go back to counting the days until the best comic book show comes back to your living rooms!


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