The Avengers releases in a few months time, in about 16 weeks, not that we’re seriously counting or anything. After that the big guns, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have sequels on their way and it seems these flicks are finally getting under way. Robert Downey Jr. was recently raving of Iron Man 3, a director has finally been found for Thor 2 and its script is getting some rewrites from Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat.

Jamie Alexander, the ass kickin’ lady of the Asgardian boys club, Sif, recently revealed in an interview with MTV we could see her and Thor get a little closer in the next movie.

I’m a comic book nerd at heart, so I’d like to see the relationship between Thor and Sif progress. Whether or not they do that, we’re not sure yet. We’ll see. I think that element will be in there, but I don’t know how much.

Of course we know Thor and Sif have a past full of romantic entanglements and shared battlefields, but where would this leave Jane Foster? Y’know, the brainy chick Natalie Portman played. While Thor and Jane went their separate ways at the end of Thor there’s still a chance she’s not out of his life yet. Could we have a love triangle in Thor 2? Sounds likely, and who doesn’t want to see Alexander and Portman throw down over the Thunder God?

MTV also asked Alexander if we’ll be seeing her at all in The Avengers, to which she coyly responded,

I can’t tell you. Sometimes you never know. It’ll be funny—they’ll call you and they’ll do a post-credits scene and you go, ‘Oh, so everything I said in interviews is completely wrong.’ So you never know!

What do you think? Is there a good chance we’ll see Thor and Sif hooking up in a sequel?

And you gotta admit, that is damn romantic graphic above, right?

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