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The Starz series Ash Vs Evil Dead was a surprise delight in its first season, a wonderfully funny and gory continuation of The Evil Dead legend birthed by co-creator Sam Raimi in his classic independent horror 35 years ago. Still, in all our questions about Deadite slayer Ashley “Ash” Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, rarely has anyone pondered over who might have spawned such a hero. It looks like season two of Evil Dead will answer that by introducing Ash’s dad. That’s a fine casting needle the show will have to thread, but they’ve done it. After all, who else could be Ash’s father but the Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors? 

According to TV Line, Majors is set to appear alongside Campbell and the rest of the cast in season two of Ash Vs Evil Dead as Brock Williams, son of Ash. Majors has enjoyed a five decade long career in Hollywood, getting his start as a regular on series like The Big Valley and The Virginian, but he’s best known for playing Steve Austin, test-pilot turned cyborg super-spy in the series The Six Million Dollar Man, its spin-off The Bionic Woman, and several follow-up TV movies. He also starred as a movie stunt man turned bounty hunter in the popular 80s series, The Fall Guy. He continues to work with regularity including recent appearances on nerd-friendly series like Community and Human Target.


In other Evil Dead casting news, Sam’s older brother Ted Raimi will also appear in season two as Chet Kaminski, Ash’s childhood best friend (you’re probably sensing a theme with season two). Ted Raimi usually gets a prime role in all his brothers projects, right back to the original Evil Dead movie, so his casting here is no surprise. Depending on your vantage point, he may be best known as Joxer, the butterfingered warrior with a heart of gold in Xena: Warrior Princess; J. Jonah Jameson’s lackey Hoffman in the first three Spider-Man movies; or as communications officer Lt. J.G. Timothy O’Neill on seaQuest DSV.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead returns sometime later this year on Starz.

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