While all you video game junkies have been wearing your hands bloody with Call of Duty4-MW2…A few choice others have slipped by the radar that may pique your interest, but 1 in particular…Yes, yesterday Assassin’s Creed 2 was released.

I began the game with extreme enthusiasm but was shocked at the new style and the way the story arc began. I will not spoil this delightfully delicious game at all but I have my opinion on the first few hours of game play. A preview if you would.

You begin back in the science lab in present time. Quickly you delve back into the expansive Florence Italy, with historically accurate facts of landmarks, AND actual locations of them. You are Ezio, learning the tutorial is still (3 hours in) a process which I must say is thus far,is  my only drawback. Ezio begins by learning how to beatdown with his fists. His climbing ability is as keen as Altair’s from AC1, but the wonderful combat system lets you grapple now. No longer is it hack, hack, hack, run! You can grab an enemy, and select a headbutt, a knee to the stomach or a punch to the face…Or, you can just toss him. After a sad series of unfortunate events to your family you grab your fathers old garb and a broken weapon which he wants you to have repaired by his bud Leonardo….Oh yea, Da Vinci. After he puts it together you now have your first weapon, the hidden sleeve dagger. However, this time around you can actually get into a melee with it, as well as pounce and the very discreet “excuse me, pardon me” crowd stab.

Other cool new additions is the ability to search your enemies for cash. With it you can buy new armor, dyes to change your gears color and other things I have yet to find.You can also pay small groups of skanks to make gueards leave their posts or thugs to tackle ensuing assholes.

Thus far, I am enthralled for the games storyline and new game play. It was as if they took everything wrong with the first game that made you scream with fury and tweaked it and refined it to a fine polish. The cityscape is massive with much to explore, even just to get to a high vantage point and view your surroundings is breathtaking…

All this in 3 hours!!! It is definitely worth the clam..Now that you beat the 2 and a half hour Modern Warfare 2, invest in something epic.

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