I wrote about the outrage of TV’s most spectacular Batman, Adam West not having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in March. Thankfully those boneheads finally got their act together and when they made the announcement on Tuesday, Adam’s name was on the list. Hooray! He’s joined but a varied list of celebrities ranging from The Simpson‘s creator, Matt Groening to Jennifer Aniston. Oddly, she’s listed in the film category and not the television one. Umm…Friends has been her only real hit, right? Or is there some award winning Jennifer Aniston film I’m forgetting? Whatever..::cough:: overrated ::cough::

But Adam finally being awarded his star is real victory. As is fellow television icon, Walter Koenig, finally getting one. Basically, this was a good round for geek icons. Which only means we nerds have done something right for these guys to get the honor they deserve, so, go us!

Below you can check out the video from the original Kickstarter campaign to get Adam West a star as well as funding for the a documentary about the 82 year old icon. Seriously guys, he’s 82 and only now recieveing a star! WTF!?!. Well, I guess it’s better than poor Richard Burton whose only now getting one, posthumously.

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