Atari Game for 5k

The Music Machine for Atari 2600 sold on eBay for  $5,250.  You might be asking yourself why anyone would pay so much money for a video game.  Especially one that was probably so bad you’ve never heard of it.  You’re probably assuming that it was rare, and you’re right.  You’re also pretty sure that it was sealed in it’s original package, and you’re right there too.

What you probably haven’t guessed, is why The Music Machine is such a rare find.  The reason?  It was only sold in religious bookstores.  I know, right?  Weird.

But it’s even weirder than you think.  Browsing Google for this oddity I found some gems.  There’s a guy who looks like your old school villain tying the broad to the tracks (You must pay the rent!) and some Frodo-looking guys wearing tunics.  A girl in scandalous bloomers and a wee boy who shockingly resembles Dennis the Menace run around collecting “love” and “life force” and all kinds of creepy Christian propaganda ensues.

So, I get it.  You buy the game for 5k knowing that someone else will buy it from you at a later date and you’ll turn a profit.  But I don’t think I would be able to just hold on to it.  I would be faaaaaarrrr too tempted to play it.  I feel like I would just NEED to know.

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