Something that seems to get lost in the shuffle nowadays is common decency, and our nerdy conventions are no exception to that growing trend. For some reason, people get the idea that it’s alright to treat people like animals, like people who won’t mind someone being outright rude to them, because that’s “their sense of humor” or it’s that person’s “own fault” for dressing or doing something a certain way.

For me, and I’m sure for most people, nerd culture is so great because it’s something that brings so many different people together for something that they have a shared love for, be it comics, video games, movies, whatever. Becoming a part of this massive group of people who share this love also brings something that I think a lot of us strive for because we can’t seem to find it anywhere else: acceptance.

So, with that being said, this short video takes a look at the situation (albeit with a more fun, positive approach) through the eyes of female cosplayers, who are notoriously harassed at these conventions. The thing that we all need to understand is that they don’t go to these conventions to be treated the way most people would treat a common whore. They go for the same reason everyone else does; love for the culture that we share. Please, the next time you go to a convention, keep this video in mind.

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