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The iconic Marvel comic book, The Micronauts, has been rebooted by IDW Publishing, hitting the shelves this past April. Image Comics and Devil’s Due have attempted reboots of the classic series in the early 2000s – but those comics failed to catch on like that amazing book that rockedthe worlds of many a reader back in the day. A brief history: In 1974, the Japanese toy company, Takara, started up the Microman line, ranging from action figures and vehicles to playsets. The storyline had it that the “Micro” characters came from a world called Micro Earth and the tiny alien cyborgs hid on our worlds, disguised as action figures. 19 76 saw the Mego Corporation, who gave kids action figures from Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, and Space: 1999 and some cool respective playsets, releasing the Micronaut toys. Flash forward to December 1977 when prolific Marvel Comics’ scribe Bill Mantlo’s son received some Micronaut figures as Christmas presents. Mantlo was intrigued by the toys and felt there was potential for interesting characters and a fascinating Microverse that they inhabited.  (more…)


The next entry in the DC Cinematic Universe is creating a lot of buzz throughout cyberspace. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is set to be released Aug. 5 and it has a lot of people talking about it – in fact they’re talking about it more than Rogue One; A Star Wars Story or Star Trek Beyond. Suicide Squad recently went through a series of reshoots (which isn’t uncommon) in the wake of Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice, reportedly to interject some humor. According to ComScore’s PreAct tracking, Suicide Squad is creating a lot of talk as the film’s release date nears, compared to films hitting theaters later on this year. (more…)

Power Rangers Get Their Very Character Posters


The Power Rangers are back. Lionsgate just released character posters featuring the actors from the film. This is big news for fans of a franchise that started over 23 years, when producer Haim Saban took footage from Japan’s Toei Company’s tokusatu series, Super Sentai. Using that footage intermixed with some original live-action scenes show, Saban found himself with a long-running franchise. It was a great setup for him: Use the Super Sentai footage, then dub in the American actors’ voices and – voila! – the Power Rangers were born. The show was an instant hit and became a staple of the Fox Network’s children’s programming; despite some objections from parents and other groups regarding violence depicted on the show, its popularity grew, and there were action figures, costumes, comics and movie spin-offs.  (more…)


Nearly 30 years ago, John McTiernan was one of Hollywood’s hottest directors. His 1986 film Nomads, despite being a financial and critical bomb, caught the attention of uber-producer Joel Silver, who hired McTiernan to helm Predator. He was on a roll for a few years but some poorly received films did not help; 1999’s The 13th Warrior had negative reactions with test audiences and Michael Crichton, who wrote Eaters of the Dead, on which the film was based on, took over and directed a number of reshoots. Along the way, McTiernan got into some illegal wiretapping, hiring a private investigator to spy on the 2000 Rollerball producer Charles Roven; McTiernan basically made a false statement to an FBI agent and in 2006, that incident caught up with him. After lengthy court battles, McTiernan surrendered to authorities and went to prison on April 3, 2013, to serve a year sentence; however, he released on February 26, 2014 and spent the remaining 34 days at his private ranch in Wyoming. McTiernan’s legal problems, a vicious divorce and liability claims over a 2011 automobile accident plunged him into financial problems and he filed bankruptcy – and he might lose that $10 million ranch.

His last hit film was 1999’s The Thomas Crown Affair.

So, it would be a valid assessment to say that McTiernan might be a tad bit . . . cranky.  (more…)