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If you’ve been following J.K Rowling and all her magical stories, you know that her whimsical world is coming to life again on the big screen this fall in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Warner Bros. has already released a couple of trailers for the film that confirm that it will carry over the look and feel of the eight previous Harry Potter movies, but we haven’t really seen much about these titular Fantastic Beasts yet. In the midst of a summer trend with a video game that lets you seek out various creatures and capture them, let’s see what Rowling has in mind when she sends Newt Scamander out to “catch ’em all” later this year


kevin smiiith

Most people that are into certain fictional characters will buy a tee shirt to represent it, or even buy a limited edition prop replica from a film they enjoy. Kevin Smith, on the other hand, named his kid after one of his favorite characters.

That’s right, we’re talking about his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Kevin has been into the Batman franchise for as long as we can all remember, so it’s no wonder that he would put that much thought into things. When his daughter was born, he and his wife decided that Harley Quinn would be her name and she has fully embraced her namesake. (more…)

tatum and bell

Getting into the groove of how 2016 has not only become popular for its reboots, but also its gender-swapped roles, we have to look at a new film with an open mind. The all female Ghostbusters by Paul Feig became quite a hit at the box office, although people went in with the worst intentions, but it looks like the pattern is falling into place again, because Ron Howard has decided to come back and produce a remake of his 1980’s hit, Splash. As if that’s not exciting enough, Channing Tatum will be a part of the cast and he will be playing the mermaid! From Magic Mike, to merman? Sounds like this may be a really interesting concept. (more…)

Fox’s ‘Rocky Horror’ Remake Gets a Trailer!


Who would have imagined that 41 years after the biggest cult classic debuted, there would indeed be a made-for-tv remake of said beloved classic? That’s right, we’re talking about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and yes, Fox picked it up. Kenny Ortega, director of High School Musical, will be directing this take on the classic 1973 film, which was firstly adapted from the Broadway show of the same name. Just when you thought Rocky Horror was a sacred cinema cow that couldn’t be touched, along comes this new trailer for the Fox production that asks, Could you be wrong? (more…)


If you’ve been following the upcoming Suicide Squad film, then you know there were a LOT of costume trails and errors to be had to come up with the perfect fit for one Harley Quinn. As we have seen, the ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’ baseball style tee and sequined daisy dukes, took the cake for the look they were trying to portray. Now, Warner Brothers has released behind-the-scenes footage that is over 9-minutes long and it reveals the classic jester costume! Costume designer, Kate Hawley had her own input for fans.  (more…)


With the upcoming Power Rangers film debuting in 2017, the cast and crew have been very busy getting things filmed and ready for the big screen. This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, fans are eagerly waiting for a chance at seeing the first trailer for the film. It has not been said whether or not it will happen, and there isn’t a panel for the film, but, the actors are in attendance and doing signings. During these autograph sessions, a little bit of extra information was also leaked!  (more…)


Quentin Tarantino. Many cinephiles follow his work and he is one of the most well-known film directors of the past and present. From the slave turned bounty hunter, to an iconic heist gone wrong, his stories are told through vision and film. His career is a very admirable one, considering he has also worked with many of Hollywood‘s best. Some of his star players are Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, and Christoph Waltz. Tarantino has currently completed eight feature films and the word is that he will only do two more.  (more…)


For years, Disney has had many a tie-in with LucasFilm. Then in 2012 when the Disney bought Star Wars from LucasFilm and announced new movies, it was always assumed Disney would also bring more of the Star Wars Universe to its theme  parks. And more they have brought.  They have such attractions as an updated Star Tours and The Jedi Training Academy stage show. There is also Star Wars Weekends which is an expansion of celebrating the beloved franchise just a little bit more during the summer. Hollywood Studios is transformed into a Star Wars themed park, almost during these weeks. But those are just little Star Wars appetizers for what is to come.  During a D23 Expo in 2015, it was confirmed that a very large expansion would be coming to California’s Disneyland park and Florida’s Hollywood Studios park, and since then there have been updates on what exactly will be included. And now we have another look at the land ahead.  (more…)


Most people can agree that Steve Rogers, Captain America is the poster child for America and what it represents as a country. This is apparent in that his nature is one of justice, freedom and humanity. The comic book character is a very commendable symbol of the US and its values. Since Captain America will be celebrating his 75th birthday, this year, Marvel has something big to commemorate him. A towering, bronze statue has been put together for this event. It is said that it will debut at the San Diego Comic Con later this month and it will eventually take its home in the city of Brooklyn, New York. (more…)


Tom Felton is probably a name you’ll most likely recognize from the credits of the Harry Potter franchise. You know, the one who played sarcastic, yet misunderstood Draco Malfoy in the series. Tom has continued to move his acting career forward. The most recent news is that he’s set to join the cast of The CW’s, The Flash television series! It seems as though he’s dropped the magic of the wizarding world and moved on to the power of comic book heroes. (more…)