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Being a nerd is hard work. You burn a lot of calories caring about things so passionately, following them intently and debating them obstinately. It’s important to replenish yourself with some sweet, sweet sustenance before you Hulk-out on your friends and loved ones over whether or not that fall should have killed Rhodey. When the time comes to recharge your batteries, where better than someplace designed specifically with nerds in mind? Sometimes it’s just nice to be among your own people. This article explores the best places in the world to enjoy some nerd-dom while you eat, with everything from an eatery with an actual TARDIS to a bar designed by H.R. Giger himself. It’s kinda like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, except that you won’t have to put up with the guy with the least right to pretentiousness pretentiously pronouncing his last name. So shut the front door and buckle up, because this gangsta trip to Nerdy Flavortown is gonna be off the hook!


7 Cult Classics That Are Screaming For A Sequel

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Cult films fulfill an important role in American society. In a culture increasingly plagued by isolation, cult films allow people to connect over a shared love of something. The following entries are centered on cult classics that contain an intrinsic catalyst for continuation, movies that left its characters and/or plot in such a way that further exploration is not only desired, but required. This listicle contains a collection of satirical, not-serious sequel fantasies.


Whedon Rules! Why Joss Is Boss

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For all his success, critical acclaim, and devoted fan base, Joss Whedon still has his fair share of detractors. On occasion, these haters may present a valid criticism of Whedon and his work (which will be summarily dismissed and disregarded henceforth), but most of the time, they’re riding high on the train of spite and antagonism. They may say things like, “Joss Whedon fans are insufferable,” “Whedonites worship anything Whedon does, even if it’s crap,” or “Whedonites can’t accept that Whedon is a better writer than director, he’s not a cinematic genius of the magnitude of Kubrick or Spielberg, and his attempts don’t hit every time, whether it’s a storytelling choice or a shot at feminism.” This article is an obstinate fist right in their hate-scowls, so buckle up for an overzealous, hyperbolic adventure into the very real virtues of the unparalleled brilliance that is Joss Whedon.



Deadpool was not only a great, incredibly fun flick that finally vindicated poor Ryan Reynolds in a superhero movie after the disasters that were Blade: TrinityX-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Green Lantern, it also shattered records for an R-rated release, causing Hollywood to rethink its strategy regarding the content of blockbusters. The man largely credited with this success is the director of the film, Tim Miller, who was able to deftly balance brutal violence with meta humor, while still managing to make the mostly despicable characters sympathetic. Now, some are beginning to worry that Fox Studios may be falling into that old Hollywood trap of unnecessary studio interference of a high-stakes project as the studio and Miller reportedly disagree on the casting of beloved comic book character Cable.


Zack Snyder, Director attends the 'Watchmen' ('Die Waechter') photocall at hotel Bayerischer Hof on February 26, 2009 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images) MUNICH, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 26.

They say, “Hell hath no fury like an ex-Warner Bros Studios employee scorned for someone else’s incompetence” and, boy, does that old adage ring true here. An alleged former employee at the aforementioned movie studio has released an open letter to studio head Kevin Tsujihara, accusing him of recklessly steering the movie studio directly into oncoming icebergs. The legitimacy of the writer is unconfirmed, as she only gives the name “Gracie Law,” which is, of course, Kim Cattrall’s character in the movie Big Trouble in Little China, but the letter does contain many legitimate complaints against Warner Bros and is convincingly written from the point of view of someone who has been screwed over by people above her making bad decisions and allowing the crap to roll right downhill. Check out the full letter below!


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Since the dawn of humanity, long before there were even words to describe the two groups, there has been a rift between audiences and critics, a deepening chasm which can never be traversed and can even more rarely be empathized across. Ever since an early hunter elicited cheers from his fellow tribe members by smashing a squirrel with a club only to look over at a fellow hunter smugly critiquing his squirrel-smashing form with an eyebrow raised in a “meh”-shaped arc, the value of work (especially work of a creative nature) has been judged differently by two groups who are looking for very different things. One group is more concerned with the technical aspects of an efficient, artful club swing, while the other is more interested in the finished product of delicious squirrel innards oozing out onto the ground.


The Walking Dead attraction

Do you love The Walking Dead? Do you have Sunday nights cleared so you don’t miss a moment of Rick Grimes & Co.’s nightmare journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape? Do you dream about hordes of ravenous zombies? Would you love to step inside The Walking Dead and have undead creatures gnaw the flesh from your bones? …Whoa. Weird. Anyway, now you can visit the world of The Walking Dead (flesh gnawing not included …probably). AMC‘s massively popular show is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in the form of a fully immersive attraction. A couple of newly released videos allow you to check out a full walk-through of the attraction from the relative safety of your rolly computer chair before deciding if the real thing is something you could stomach in person. Check out the harrowing videos below!



Few things conjure up childhood nostalgia better than the tone and aesthetic of 80’s Amblin Entertainment features like The Goonies*batteries not included, and especially Steven Spielberg’s seminal E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. That’s why it’s no surprise that Netflix would tap into that to create an original series about a group of kids trying to figure out what happened to their vanished friend while mysterious things continue to happen around them, including the inevitable appearance of shadowy men in hazmat suits. The trailer for Stranger Things dropped today and, boy, does it look good! Check it out below!



As most fans of Harry Potter are aware, the boy wizard is getting a much-desired sequel to his adventures detailed in J.K. Rowling‘s seven book series. This sequel finds Harry 19 years older and will be delivered in a bit of a different format than the previous entries. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be presented as a stage play at The Palace Theatre in London before the script is made available in published form. Another change difference that has some ridiculous fans reeling and incensed is that a black woman, Noma Dumezweni (Doctor Who), has been cast as Hermione Granger.



It’s a common assumption among nerds that nerds are just a little more intellectually evolved than other types of people. This is to say nothing disparaging of jocks or fashionistas or cowboys, nor to insinuate that these titles can’t overlap, but when your hobbies all include diving into science fiction, which typically examines philosophy and society by creating parables involving theoretical physics and futuristic technology, it’s hard for nerds to not occasionally feel intellectually superior. This hauteur should immediately dissipate upon the reading of any internet Nerd-Bro comments. You are probably already familiar with the Dude-Bro and the Bernie-Bro. Similar to these close relations, Nerd-Bros are overwhelmingly, though not necessarily, white men, who find it incredibly hard to acknowledge the simple facts that white men, as a group of people, are disproportionately represented in the media and inequitably positioned in society. Even if you’re not ready to accept these basic truths of life in the modern-day United States of America, the following is a list of comments that you should just stop making to help you fake it until you get it, and stop making nerds look bad in the meantime.