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Channing Tatum broke the hearts of all the X-Men fangirls (and fanboys too) tonight with a single tweet. The world was just settling down from the first 40 or so times he went out into the world of Hollywood telling us how he wanted to play Gambit. Most fans baulked and laughed it off as celebrity self fan casting; not taking serious for a moment that the Magic Mike star would honestly play everyone’s favorite ragin’ Cajun,  But, in a stroke of glorious fandom, this happened :  (more…)

Marvel may be out there releasing dates and information about their up and coming movies for the next 100 years, but DC and Warner Bros. have been mum about most of their newest summer blockbusters. So much so, that it looks like despite the big announcement about bringing her to the big screen, recently announced director Michelle Maclaren says Wonder Woman hasn’t even been  given an official green light yet. (more…)

Stan Lee Says Nobody Cares About Him


In the latest “Stan’s Rants” the man the myth the legend himself had a new topic to talk about. Himself. Which if you’re not actually watching these little nuggets of adorable angry and thoughtful moments from Mr Stan Lee, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Go onto YouTube this second and subscribe to that. Seriously. But since you’re still here I’ll continue for all the people at work who can’t watch the video this second, or those of you in class or something here’s the rundown. (more…)


One of the DC’s most understated and over debated head of teams, Amanda Waller, best known for her team leading skills in Suicide Squad, may have her leading lady after all. If you’re new to the whole Suicide Squad thing, depending on which medium you’re watching/reading she’s the skinny or wonderfully full figured alpha woman with her hand on the button ready to obliterate the team of super criminals sent to do the dirty work for the government. And now according to sources, she’ll have a place in the 2016 film. Read on through the break to How To Get Away with Being Amanda Waller… (more…)