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You don’t want to be the one who replaces the legend, you want to be the one who comes after that.

I realize now that I wasted $4 on Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez’ take on Hawkeye. Not because the book is bad or because Lemire and Perez aren’t talented, but because I’m just not ready for Clint and Kate to have an all-new adventure. Especially since Matt Fraction and David Aja haven’t yet concluded the old one. (more…)

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A little more than a year ago, Harold Ramis passed away. I thought about his death again this weekend after Leonard Nimoy passed. Both were the kinds of celebrity deaths that make you feel old and hit you hardest: icons from my and probably your childhood. When Ramis died, the internet reacted unkindly to Murray’s statement about the loss of his friend and colleague. I wrote something about it and as we see Shatner get some of the same heat, it seemed right to once again write something. Sort of…


New York Comic Con has come and gone and all that is left is to do is reflect on the show and look at the splendid cosplay and all the toys that were out in full force at the convention. For the third year in a row, I was asked to go to the convention and report back on what I saw. Below, you will find my take on the crowds, the cosplay, the celebs, the floor and the creepers at New York Comic Con.  (more…)


The Baltimore Comic Con is a top-flight show that brought out an impressive lineup of guests, some great panels (featuring Marvel, Boom!, Valiant, Thrillbent, some cool creator showcases and chats about issues that effect the industry) and cosplayers over the course of three days this past weekend. It’s also hosted within a spacious and easily accessible convention center with a ton of conveniences. There is a bakery, yo.

This is a “capital C” Comic Convention that honors the craft and the virtuosos who bend lines and words for our amusement and it’s one of my favorites, but with all of that said, I wasn’t as excited about going to the convention as I used to be when I went to these events.  (more…)


The short answer is probably “no”, San Diego Comic-Con won’t tear itself away from its moorings anytime in the near future but a new ruling by the San Diego City Council opens the door for, if nothing else, a bit of hyperbole and instability in the convention’s relationship with San Diego as the city struggles to execute a $520 million expansion to the San Diego Convention Center.

In said decision, the Council chose to not appeal a court ruling that put the kibosh on a new surcharge on hotel guests staying in the city, which would of course effect all travelers to the very popular year-round tourist destination and not just SDCC attendees. The surcharge, which was embraced by hotel owners in the area, would tack on 1-3% of a guest’s room rate onto their bill, adding to the monies collected by other room taxes and fees to make staying in San Diego just a little bit more expensive.

The problem with the surcharge isn’t in its amount, but in the way that it was approved. Apparently, the tax needs to be approved by a popular citywide vote for it to legally take effect.

So, without a way to fund the expansion, what does this mean for SDCC? The most realistic assumption is that the convention center will find another way to fund the construction of the expansion, even if it means putting the surcharge to a public vote. If the expansion doesn’t happen, though, I suppose it is conceivable that the world’s biggest pop culture convention could look to re-locate (maybe Vegas? Maybe they would merge Wonder Con with SDCC and find a huge venue in LA… though I have no idea where) but that would not be an easy separation.

For one thing, moving isn’t as simple as just finding a new “house”. SDCC is massive and there aren’t a lot of venues that could accommodate 200 thousand people over the course of a weekend. there’s also lot of history between the city and the event and a lot of money on the table. SDCC brings in about $180 million every year for the city of San Diego, but while that’s a lot of money, it’s not San Diego’s only draw and the city could live without it. UTSanDiego.com has a great article about SDCC and whether the city’s tourism industry would “thrive” sans the convention and 13 out of 14 local officials, analysts and business representatives all said “yes”.

Remember, while SDCC seems like the beating heart of the nerdverse (even though that might be lessening…) to us, in the real world of dollars and cents, other kinds of conventions can also be a draw and help infuse a city with cash. Fans should remember that when they assume that SDCC will never lose the SD, but while it’s unlikely, it’s certainly not impossible.


Source: UTSanDiego, THR



Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For made a great big thud at the box office this weekend, earning just $6.5 million off of an estimated $60-$70 million budget. This despite the popularity of the first film (which opened with $29 million in April 2005), the source material and an all-star cast that included Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin and Jessica Alba. 

Commercials and other promotional efforts for this thing were everywhere, so no one can claim that a lack of exposure did Sin City: A Dame to Kill For in. That’s not necessarily a reference to the rejected Eva Green/sheerly masked breasts poster that made the rounds (if you’ve read this site before, I’m sure you’ve seen it… over and over again), it just seems like it is. (more…)


At this point, Batman is the American equivalent of James Bond with eight actors having donned the cowl (SDCC footage and moody grey snapshots give Affleck full membership status prior to the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice), but if Pierce Brosnan had less defined opinions about grown men in their underwear, his career could have gone in an entirely new direction. Yes, Pierce Brosnan could have starred in Multiplicity(more…)


This is not the usual type of thing that I file under the “Whatever” banner and this is not an obituary, Jacob Knight did a wonderful job paying tribute to Robin Williams with his obituary yesterday. I didn’t expect to write anything about this and I don’t really know what this is “officially”, I know all things must be labeled, but this is just a rhythm strip of my thoughts from 5AM this morning, sparked by the reactions — good and bad. This is how I deal, I guess. (more…)