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Sam and Dean argue and make a deal with Crowley just like old times. Fans see the return of a couple old friends. Castifer decides to take a stroll through heaven to recruit helpers. Tonight’s episode finally headed toward ways to defeat Amara, but the guys quickly learn that it won’t be the way they expected. If you aren’t caught up on season 11, stop reading. Otherwise there are spoilers ahead. 5…4…3…2…1.


carl and rick

After last week’s cliff hanger, fans were particularly wigged over this week’s episode. Does Daryl die? Will Negan use Lucille to end him? Will it be Carol? How about Glen? What is wrong with Maggie and the baby? So many questions. The anticipation for this season’s finale is unlike anything fans have witnessed or felt for quite some time. There are spoilers galore so please, if you don’t want the episode to be ruined, if you haven’t seen it yet or you are still dealing with the emotions from the episode, turn back now. Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1.



rosita and daryl

After a very short introduction of blood, rosaries and voices, the group is taken on whirlwind ride, chasing their own. Tonight’s episode will start something that will change the group forever. While it is sure to become more emotional for fans in the season finale, tonight’s episode was plenty emotional on so many different levels. Spoilers below do continue at your own risk. Last change in 5…4…3…2…1.



While scavenging for supplies and ways for the group to survive, Eugene and Abraham have a come to Jesus meeting. Daryl and Rosita take Denise for a joyride to show her what the real world looks like. What she discovers leaves her with emotions she isn’t sure how to deal with. Daryl and Rosita learn a thing or two from Denise as well. Spoiler Alert in 5…4…3…2…1.



After failed negotiations, Carol and Maggie get to take a field trip with Paula and her crew. Rick and the group must find a way to follow the girls without being detected themselves. Will Rick manage to get the girls back in one piece or will this be when the group starts paying the ultimate price for attacking Negan’s Saviors? Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.


town hall meeting.

Rick and the crew have a town meeting to determine how best to save Alexandria. The crew end relationships, solidify relationships and start a few new ones. If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, stop reading now. There are major spoilers ahead for those who are not caught up. If you have already caught up with this season, or are the type to torture yourself with what you have missed out on, please by all means continue reading. Spoilers in 5…4…3….2….1. (more…)

Morning talk

Jesus shows the crew that the world is a much larger place than they first thought. Rick has to have ‘the talk’ with Carl about Michonne. The crew decided whether they should trust Jesus and follow him back to his camp to discuss trade. This episode could be pivotal to the group’s future so if you haven’t caught up yet, stop reading here. If you have watched last night’s episode and you would like to read and discuss, please continue. Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1.