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More Batfleck On The Way As WB Confirms Solo Movie


While it will go down as a financial success, after a massive drop off from opening weekend and taking a beating by critics and fans alike, it is probably safe to say that Batman V. Superman is considered a huge disappointment. However, despite the bad reviews, the one thing that everyone seems to have in common is the fact that Ben Affleck’s Batman was the shining beacon in a massive storm of failure. It was rumored several months ago that the WB execs were so taken back by his performance that they wanted Affleck to stick around in the DC universe, even possibly letting him write and direct the first one himself. Well the rumor is at least partially true as WB has announced that Affleck will be directing and starring in his own solo outing as the Dark Knight.



Months before Batman V. Superman ever hit the screen, rumors were floating around the internet that the honchos over at Warner Bros. were so impressed with Affleck’s turn at the cape and cowl that they wanted Affleck to stick around as the definitive Batman, not just for Justice League 1 & 2, but for an entirely new Batman trilogy. Well now word from from Affleck’s own agent is that there is a script and its really cool.


Get Ready For The Feels! Sad Affleck Is Sad

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.30.51 AM

Unless you have been avoiding social media, or happen to live under a rock at the bottom of the sea, you’ve had to have seen  the multitude of bad reviews of Batman V. Superman. Well, it seems that star Ben Affleck has been avoiding the internet since the movie dropped for critics and, well, the reviews have finally caught up with him and the video will hit you right in the feels.



Its time to bring the lions back together! One of the most beloved anime franchises in existence is set to form once again on our screens. Netflix announced a few months ago that the would be reviving Voltron: Defender of the Universe once again on the popular streaming service, and now, finally, we have our first look at the art style the show will be going for.


Oh the 80’s. The age of excess, cocaine and weird horror. And very few movies just shout 80’s more than the beloved Killer Klowns From Outer Space! After years and years of whispers and rumors of a potential sequel to the horror comedy classic, it seems that there is finally some movement but this time on TV. Yes, the Killer Klowns will be returning to a big top near you, and with the original director at the helm.


We Get A First Look At ‘Lego Batman’ Movie


We are only days away from what could be the biggest movie of the summer and the super hero fever couldn’t be higher. We know that Batman V. Superman is going dark for the tone of the film, but what about something for the kids? Well, Lego has that covered as we get our first look at the Lego Batman Movie!



After word dropped that the Steven Spielberg helmed adaptation of the beloved Sci-Fi novel Ready Player One was being pushed back several months as to not be gobbled up in the tidal wave that will be Star Wars Episode VIII, a new announcement now has the pop culture world churning with excitement. The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that Star Trek and Shaun Of The Dead star Simon Pegg is now in talks to join the world of OASIS.


Sally Field Did Not Enjoy Aunt May Role


The consensus across the internet is well known that the Spiderman reboot movie were less than good. And now one of the major characters in the reboot franchise is throwing some shade at the part itself. Legendary actress Sally Field seems to be happy that the franchise is being rebooted and is no longer involved in the web-head’s life.



Its a tale as old as time, a wall separating gamers at their very core. Games published across different platforms have managed to bring players together, but never on the same playing field. One version is better than the other, this one has different feature, that one has different playable characters and never will the two meet in the middle. That is, until now. Microsoft may be changing the face of gaming once again with the announcement of cross platform gaming with PS4 and PC owners.



It should come as no surprise that the recent trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot has had, shall we say, some mixed reviews. Even Kevin Smith, who generally tries to find nice things to say about everything, called out whoever cut the trailer on his podcast, Hollywood Babble-On, for its less than stellar reception. But one has to wonder what some of the original cast thinks about the trailer? And you can’t get any bigger than arguable star of the original movie, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man himself.  (more…)