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The world of gaming has maintained consistency in its forward evolution. The invention of enhanced technology has delivered more exciting video games for popular console !platforms Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. The Google corporation’s marketing team has kept a finger firmly on the pulse of these industry giants and decided that it’s time to throw their hats in the ring and offer a video game platform of their own. Enter, Google Yeti!

What is Google Yeti?

Google Yeti is in the works and it is designed to become Google’s “Netflix for Games.” The services will offer video games that are hosted on their remote servers. Access to the games will be possible via hardware that allows streaming to a television. The service will be available through subscription that is similar to current gamer services offered through XBox Live and PlayStation already. This is Google’s answer to these popular providers who are doing well in their endeavors. They offer access to the entire collection for subscribers, but what that will entail has yet to be seen.