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  • Profile: Nicole Canovas is a very tiny 28 year old and a professional answerer of the question “What grade are you in?” She is very passionate about comics, movies, and video games, and is not ashamed to devote a whole day (or sometimes several) to any of the aforementioned pursuits. Along with writing for Nerd Bastards, Nicole is an artist under the name “Feral Doe”, and you can check out her work by following her on Twitter and/or Instagram, both under the name @feraldoe. She’s always up for new reading suggestions or a good debate or discussion on what her mother lovingly refers to as “all that nerd stuff you like.”

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The ’87 cult classic horror-comedy The Lost Boys has proven to be almost impossible to measure up to when dealing with sequels. Some straight-to-DVDs have been attempted, but none gathered as much momentum as the original film, featuring Kiefer Sutherland as the charismatic vampire leader David, and the wily antics of the dynamic duo Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.  The newest plan to resurrect the franchise features one difference that may turn the tide in a more favorable direction: a comic book miniseries format, brought to you by Vertigo. (more…)

Legendary Pursuing Pokemon Live-Action Movie?


With the Pokemon Go app bringing re-igniting everyone’s inner poke-trainers, it’s not surprising that talk of a movie would come up. Nothing is finalized, but rumor has it that Legendary Pictures may be pursuing the live-action video game adaption. Taking a look at the numbers Pokemon Go has generated, it’s a no-brainer as to why Legendary would make such a move. Nintendo, which only has 1/3 stake in the Pokemon company, had a stock market spike of 25% thanks to the app, adding $9 billion in market cap. (more…)


After J.K. Simmons‘ Oscar-winning performance in Whiplash, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that portraying a “badass” is right in his wheelhouse.  However, it seems people are having a hard time connecting that term with his current role of Commissioner Jim Gordon in DC‘s new Justice League movie.  Photos of Simmons going into beast mode at the gym posted by his personal trainer had fans assuming that he was merely prepping for the role, but Simmons has a different story.  While in a new interview he says he does want to show “a little bit more of that badass side,” the 61 year old actor reveals his prime motivation for his workouts is really just to take care of himself. (more…)


J.K. Rowling-written and David Yates-directed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has one factor going for it that Rowling’s other Harry Potter-related endeavors don’t: it’s not bound creatively to any other previous work. Rowling did write a companion book to her Potter stories titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, fictitiously penned by a Newt Scamander, but other than that the movie is completely original unto itself. Yates enthuses on how much easier this makes the editing process, knowing there won’t be hordes of angry fans upset that his vision didn’t meet theirs. (more…)


A new movie trailer and promotional poster for the upcoming DreamWorks Animation flick Trolls has just been released by 20th Century Fox. Be forewarned: this product contains massive amounts of color, glitter, and music! The tunes are to be expected, though, when you have Justin Timberlake voicing the lead troll, Branch. Timberlake’s only what, like a nine-time Grammy, four time Emmy Award winner? When you hear who else is in the vocal cast, signs of a hit movie soundtrack will be unmistakable. (more…)


Whether you were more of a red jaguar, blue barracuda, green monkey, orange iguana, purple parrot or silver snake, you had one ally in common on the 90’s game show Legends of the Hidden Temple; and that was Olmec.  It was always crucial to listen to the large stone head when he re-told his ancient stories, because you knew you’d be quizzed on them afterwards.  Now it seems you’ll get to hear him wax poetic yet again.  Nickelodeon has announced that Dee Bradley Baker, the original voice of Olmec, will be reprising his vocal role for the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie. (more…)


A lot of info about the upcoming Blade Runner sequel is being kept under some pretty tight wraps- even details like the official title.  We’ve got some cast members, but no characters to attach their names to other than Harrison Ford, who will return as Deckard.  But wait!  A picture was snapped of the promo poster where it was displayed at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas!  Maybe some visual clues will give us something (anything) to work with!  A bone finally thrown our way!  Oh… wait… (more…)


A new trailer for David Lowery‘s remake of the classic 1977 film Pete’s Dragon has been released by Walt Disney Pictures, as well as some brand new movie stills!  If the trailer is any indication, Lowery (who has also directed Ain’t Them Bodies Saints) has taken major creative liberties in his retelling of this tale.  It seems to be a completely different creature (no pun intended) than the original, with little to no likeness in the plot-line.  The movie does look like a very interesting re-imagining, you just might have to remind yourself at the beginning that it’s the titular character of Pete you’re seeing; not Mowgli. (more…)


DC Entertainment has been showcasing some serious girl power. Their DC Superhero Girls series of animated shorts following the teen versions of Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Bumble Bee, Batgirl, Katana, and Poison Ivy growing into their superhero status at Super Hero High has since grown into two DC comic novels, multiple product lines (including toys!), and even saw an extended special on Boomerang. Awesome, yes, but not enough for these fierce females. The next step for these girls after their series’ second season started in May is to “get their capes on” against the villain Eclipso in DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year– their very first movie. (more…)