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“Let’s take a break,” said none of the cast and crew of The Flash ever. No one would blame them if they wanted to: it’s first season is the most-watched CW show of all time, received near universal praise, and, in this nerd’s humble opinion, was the most good ol’ fashioned fun seen on a TV show in long time. The Flash team deserves to stop and smell their successful roses. Instead, the show is following the lead of its namesake, accelerating towards season two with a slew of casting announcements and a new costume for our hero.


thor3-thor-3-what-we-do-don-t-and-might-know-is-this-what-we-can-expect-from-thor-3-ragnarok-jpeg-234913Ever since Iron Man, Marvel has not hesitated to let us know that all of these characters exist in one amazing—albeit constantly in a state of intense destruction—world. That commitment to interconnectivity has only increased since The Avengers, and, according to Lady Sif herself, will continue with the upcoming Marvel films. Additionally, these teases will be more relevant than ever.



Last week, Dark Horse Comics finally released a huge selection of its back catalog on the Comixology app. This means several amazing series that weren’t previously available now are. To celebrate the new addition, Comixology is offering several of these series at discounted prices.

While Marvel and DC are often considered the top dogs in the comic world right now, Dark Horse has produced some of the greatest comics and characters in the medium for almost 30 years now. No small feat against those power houses. This sale is a perfect opportunity to explore and rediscover the company’s distinct quality and presence. But, bearing in mind how tempt—I mean crazy it would be to spend a month’s worth of paychecks on all of these fine books, I’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. To keep the list somewhat objective and brief, I opted for title that had the best deals price-wise and will read well on the Comixology app.

So which Dark Horse title will you bet on?  (more…)

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 7.49.21 PMMarvel Comics. With the mega-super-duper-literally-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink event Secret Wars well under way, it’s naturally the perfect time to see what the future holds. While Marvel has already previewed a few “All-New All-Different” titles and status-quo changes, we haven’t seen much of that good ol’ Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe synergy. That changes today with the announcement of two new titles: Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel. Luckily, don’t expect either book to be dictated by what will eventually be on screen; both creative teams are looking to produce fresh spins on these unique characters.In his first ongoing series in over 20 years, Doctor Strange, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme and the Marvel U’s go-to magic man, will take on supernatural threats with his intellect, his mystic arts and his … battle axe?


Your basic superhero action movie equation includes a lot of punches—like an average of 83 punches. The Sandman is not your basic superhero action movie, though. The comics are revered for, among many things, their cerebral plots and deep characters, as opposed to their explosion count. Luckily, writer-producer-and-all-around-awesome-dude Joseph Gordon-Levitt understands this.

In an interview with MTV News, JGL promised an “grand” adaptation worthy of the epic source material, which (un)suprisingly means no punching.  (more…)

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 10.55.24 AM

With the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Marvel cinematic universe introduced two of Marvel comic book universe’s most iconic characters: Ultron, a genocidal android who just won’t die; and The Vision, a benevolent android who possesses more humanity than the humans he protects. The characters first appeared in the pages of The Avengers during a now legendary run by writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema in 1968. With his Silver Age characters now appearing on the silver screen almost 50 years later, Thomas talked about his creations in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. (more…)


Written by Russ Axon

Since the X-Men were originally introduced in 1963, they’ve always been a strong metaphor for minority groups that have been denied basic civil rights simply because they are different from the “norm.” At the end of the day, though, the series focused on five straight, white characters, and it would be some time before characters representing actual minority groups – blacks, Native Americans, gays, lesbians – were introduced. That will change again with tomorrow’s issue of X-Men. Bobby Drake, AKA: Iceman, AKA: one of the original five X-Men, will come out as gay in tomorrow’s All-New X-Men #40. The series follows the original X-Men team who have been brought to the present day in an attempt to make a better future. (more…)