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With the deaths-per-episode scale exploding off the charts – HBO’s Game Of Thrones is setting a new precedent for killing off characters. Not since the days of graphic prison drama Oz has slaying of cast members with such frequency and ferocity taken place. In a twist of irony could it now be possible that the shows creators have added an actress best known for her role as prolific serial killer/author – Jessica Fletcher? (more…)


By now we’re all well aware of the plot from Captain America 3 : Civil War – In the wake of the Avengers efforts to save the planet, and the subsequent collateral damage caused, political pressure mounts as government calls for the heroes to be held accountable. An act is drawn up which will see Super humans registered and monitored. Captain America is opposed to the act sighting that this is a breach of freedom, whereas Iron Man supports the change. The friends must do battle and fight for they believe in. This results in heroes picking sides.

It was hardly surprising that Ant-man (Scott Lang) sided with Steve Rogers given his connection to (original Ant-Man) Hank Pym and his distrust of the Stark family. Ant-mans addition to Civil War afforded the film a bit of comic relief, as well as cementing a relatively new character to the Marvel film franchise. But was Ant-Man always on the side of Team Cap? Early concept art from the film has been released that depicts (a giant) Ant- Man doing battle with Captain America himself in the Airport fight scene.  (more…)


It’s here! It’s finally here! One box set to rule them all! The (ultimate) Middle-Earth Limited Collectors Edition has landed as majesticly as the Great Eagles. It’s no secret that over the course of filming the LOTR films mountains of footage was never used (even in the laboriusly extended directors cuts), including bloopers and outtakes. But what is it? Where can you get one, and most importantly WHEN? (more…)