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Marvel's Daredevil

With the first season of Daredevil, Marvel thrust themselves into relatively unknown territory: that of designing television shows that not only fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as prime-time predecessor Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. does), but are also extremely “adult-themed.”  No, you perverts, we’re not talking that kind of adult situations – although if you watched the first season of the second Marvel/Netflix offering, Jessica Jones, you probably questioned that a bit – but the show is extremely rough-and-tumble and pull-no-punches in its presentation of the grime and corruption of society and how “everyday” heroes/vigilantes have to tread the fine line between law and lawlessness in order to truly make a difference.  The first 13 episodes of Daredevil encapsulated that feeling to damn near perfection, and we’re happy to report that Season 2 not only picks up right where the madness left off, but actually manages to improve the gritty vibe via the fleshing out of existing characters and the introductions of several bad-ass new ones.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This review is an overview of the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil, and was kept intentionally free of any major episodic spoilers.  However, character traits and descriptions, as well as over-arching plot information relevant to this season, are discussed at length.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey

The South-by-Southwest Film Festival is currently in full swing, and the lineup of events, panels, and screenings for the week-long celebration of movies is impressive, to say the least.  Recently, the festival hosted some of the top behind-the-scenes brass from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to chat about the making of the film in advance of the movie’s home-video release. (more…)


We’re drawing closer and closer to Marvel’s next big movie release: known colloquially to the fans as Avengers 2.5 due to the copious amounts of heroes being featured, Captain America: Civil War is sure to be action-packed from start to finish.  Fans everywhere are already “picking sides” between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man, and previous trailers and promotional images have shown potential viewers which heroes are choosing to align themselves in either corner (no word yet on the preferred affiliations of Baby Groot, however).  While we are rumored to get a new Civil War trailer this week, Marvel has already hit us with new stuff to fawn over: a deluge of new character posters featuring the characters who are affiliating with Cap himself. (more…)


The charity website Omaze has done some, pardon the pun, pretty o-mazing things with Hollywood over the last few years in their drive for giving back to both individual communities and the global environment.  The group has recently started working with the stars of the upcoming film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to not only raise money for a good cause, but also to give fans a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime experience. (more…)


As fans already know, the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie will contain just about every character and their mother (I’m looking at you, Agent Sharon Carter – let’s get that Peggy Carter connection officially established already!).  Obviously, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there are so many already-established characters in this film that fans have taken to calling it The Avengers 2.5 instead.  We’ve also been told that there are new characters involved – and one of the biggest casting mysteries to date has been the question of what role Martin Freeman will play in the story.  We’re happy to report that the wait is over. (more…)


After so many fans saw the Deadpool movie in theaters on its opening weekend, eagle-eyed fans kept spotting more and more Marvel references, callbacks, and Easter eggs sprinkled liberally throughout the film.  While some references are blatantly obvious, certain others had to be altered in order to avoid legal action with Marvel and its parent company, Disney.  The creative team behind the film has slowly been giving fans further information about their intentions and ideas, and we were just recently given a big one.

Please note that spoilers for the film exist throughout this article, so STOP READING NOW if you want to avoid them! (more…)

121 gigawatts

It goes without saying that the world at large doesn’t seem to have much chance at getting a new film from the Back to the Future series anytime soon – or ever.  In these days of reboots and decades-later series continuations, however, fans have learned to never say never, but the creative team behind BTTF has been extremely adamant that no new films will be joining the canon.  The closest fans have gotten to new stories from the universe of Doc Brown and Marty McFly has been the recent 4-issue comic book Back to the Future mini-series from IDW Publishing and BTTF mastermind Bob Gale – but now, a fan has created a trailer for a prequel story that takes the franchise in a new and intriguing direction. (more…)


Zoolander 2 is just as dumb and silly as the original film.  Some people will take that statement as an endorsement of the movie, and some will take it as a criticism; how you read it will likely dictate if you’ll enjoy this 15-years-later sequel or not.  For this reviewer, it was meant as a compliment: much like the original, this next chapter skewers people, places, and things in such a way that the presentation is always vapid but the satire is usually spot-on. (more…)


Everybody is weighing in with their thoughts on the new Deadpool movie.  Critics who caught early screenings are sending out mostly positive vibes, folks who were lucky enough to see sneak preview showings of the film seem to be extremely thrilled with it – and now celebs are starting to get into the mix.  Today on her Facebook page, the incomparable Betty White sounded off with a video sharing her thoughts on the movie as well; when a gal who’s literally older than sliced bread speaks about something, you’d better damn well listen. (more…)


Who needs box office numbers when you’ve got mostly positive early reviews and a kick-ass marketing scheme?  Not the folks at 20th Century Fox, apparently, as according to a new report, they have already given the green-light for a Deadpool sequel, days before the first film has even been released to the public. (more…)