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Andrew Lincoln To Leave The Walking Dead

AMC’s The Walking Dead has remained a favourite among TV viewers for some time now. Set in the aftermath of a zombie virus, the show mines creator Robert Kirkman’s comics for inspiration. It features a group of survivors, led by Andrew Lincoln’s, Rick Grimes slaying ‘walkers’ (zombies), warring with other bands of survivors and fighting for their humanity in a world otherwise devoid of it. With news filtering out that Lincoln is ready to leave the series, many are wondering what’s next for The Walking Dead. (more…)

Woody Harrelson Hints At Carnage Cameo In Venom Movie

The Venom movie might still be months away from its official release, but speculation regarding the film’s plot, characters and cameos has just ramped up a notch. For those of you not completely familiar with Venom, another big Marvel anti-hero likely to earn an R Rating, he started life as a Spider-Man villain, but has since gone on to become one of the publisher’s most well known vigilantes. (Possible spoiler down below.) (more…)

The original announcement that AMC would create an adaptation of Dan Simmons award-winning novel The Terror was notable not only because many felt the novel would make for great television, but because it was announced as an anthology series. The Terror is a sprawling giant of a novel that spans almost 250,000 words and reaches almost 800 pages. Throughout his sprawling narrative, Simmons expertly splices several conflicts, narrates multiple point-of-view characters, and alternates between past and present timelines. That means that adapting the novel into a series that has received favourable reviews all-round rather than a feature-film was a smart choice. But while we can say the show itself was good, readers might want to know how good an adaptation it was. (more…)

With three seasons of slick and intelligent science fiction under its belt, news that Syfy had cancelled The Expanse was met with a rather large outpouring of grief. Amongst this grief, the #savetheexpanse campaign played out and an interesting rumour spread across the web faster than a Martian warship: it seemed that Amazon would save the show from the endless, well…endless expanse of television hell. Fortunately, those rumours are true. Amazon Prime has confirmed it will air season four. (more…)

Alan Moore’s Watchmen is far more than standard fare for most avid comic readers. Written by one of the cantankerous old gods of the medium and widely regarded as one of – if not ‘the’ – greatest comic series ever created, its film adaptation was notoriously divisive among genre nerds. Some sided with Moore’s opinion that it shouldn’t have been adapted at all, while others loved seeing their favourite comic brought to life. Now, with David Lindelof’s television series officially in the works, the screenwriter has spilled the beans on just why and how he’ll make it work AND adapt it without ‘adapting’ it. (more…)

DC’s Shazam Costume Revealed

DC’s Captain Marvel, alter ego of teenager Billy Batson, is the star of the Shazam comics and one of the original BIG superheroes. With that in mind, it’s fair to say, the comic’s fans are eagerly awaiting any information they can get about the forthcoming movie – which will be another in DC’s expanded cinematic universe. So far, the studio and actors have been pretty tight-lipped about it, but thanks to Zachary Levi, fans now have their first official look at the costume he will don when he becomes Captain Marvel. (more…)

Guillermo Del Toro has made quite a name for himself as a writer, director and producer whose chief concern is weird fiction. Whether he’s crafting tales of gothic suspense and dark parables of fantasy and horror, letting his Lovecraftian influences bleed onto the screen, inviting his audience to munch popcorn while giant machines and savage kaiju do battle, or faithfully recreating comic book characters, he’s made a career out myths, monsters and the supernatural. So when Netflix broke the news that he’ll be at the helm of their first horror anthology series, 10 After Midnight, there may as well have been a peal of thunder, a flash of lightning and a gust of howling wind keening through a doorjamb. This is the kind of news that should have fans of the weird and horrifying gleefully hiding their garlic and crucifixes, brushing the dust off their necronomicons, and staring into the mirror while they chant the director’s name three times. “Del Toro. Del Toro. Del Toro.” (more…)

Who Are The Mutants in Deadpool 2’s X-Force?

As you’re no doubt aware, Deadpool 2 is currently playing at a cinema near you. And without giving too much away – particularly because it’s been featured in enough of the film’s promotional material – Ryan Reynolds’s latest turn as the merc-with-a-mouth also marks the first feature film appearance of the bad boys (and girls) of Xavier’s School for Gifted Children, X-Force. More than a fair share of you will know all about X-Force, but for many of us, the characters included in Deadpool’s first team outing may well be complete unknowns. Let’s fix that… (more…)

Has Daredevil Season 3 Cast Bullseye?


Daredevil is the show that launched Marvel’s hefty presence on Netflix. With a dark and grimy street-level aesthetic, it and the other Marvel shows on the streaming service provide a grounded counterpoint to most of Marvel’s cinematic universe. Daredevil went back to basics with a story arc that borrowed liberally from Frank Miller’s iconic stints at the helm of the comic and over time many of the characters Miller either created or made his own have appeared in the show. One in particular though has largely been absent. Until now. If reports are true, the show may have its Bullseye. (more…)

Okay, by now, it’s fairly safe to assume you know who Marvel’s fourth-wall-breaking Canadian mutant merc-with-a-mouth, Deadpool, is. If not, he’s the star of a whole tonne of comic books, a video game and not one, but two, of his own eponymous films. Of course, that’s not enough for Mr Pool (aka Wade Wilson). Nope, Deadpool, with a little help from his tireless promo team, is branching out into other films. (more…)