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You may not be a fan of James Cameron’s Avatar (gods know I found the movie appalling), but the franchise is here to stay, with three sequels lined up for the future. But what would a new movie be without familiar faces? Those that enjoyed the antics of the two main characters may rejoice, for both Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana will be returning for not only the next movie, but all three.

In case you lost track of whom these actors were beneath all the blue CGI, Worthington played Jake Sully, the guy what saved the Na’vi from certain doom. Saldana played his love interest, Neytiri. So now you know.

In a recent statement from Cameron, he had a few words to say about the importance of these two actors reclaiming their roles:

“Jake Sully is rare combination of passion, strength, street smarts and soul, which requires a lot from an actor. Sam brought to the role a combination of sensitivity, vulnerability and strength. Zoë captured every aspect of the character I envisioned, bringing to Neytiri a mix of delicacy, fierceness and incredible physicality. I am beyond pleased they¹ll be returning with us to Pandora.”

And if you’re interested, you can expect the Avatar sequels to start dropping next year, in December of 2016, with another following each subsequent year until we’re all so sick of Pandora that we want to burn down their forest ourselves.


Thanks to BleedingCool for the heads-up.

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