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It seems that the 2012 Avengers film has been delayed in pre-production for what could be months thanks to Marvel studios. They made millions of of Iron Man 1 & 2 and could be rolling in the dough when Captain America and Thor get released, why should they be worried about ‘Earth Mightiest Heros’? Well, Marvel studios wants The Avengers to be made on a budget equal to what Sony paid making the first Spider-Man film, around $139 million. People say it just can’t be done, others say that it can and it’s causing people to simply walk off the project. These heroes may have fought all sorts of evil but they haven’t come up against the studio figure heads.

They should be dreaming of all that cash they’d be making, seeing the likes of The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America doing battle against evil in downtown Manhattan. Instead they, those that have decided to stay on and do the work, until they run out of cash. After that they hope that Marvel Studios, in all it’s good graces (and their investors) will see deep into their pocketbooks to hand over enough money rather than leave their movie unfinished.

As a result the changes to staff thanks to all this budget hell, pre-production has been delayed weeks or even months. There has been no official word on this matter from Marvel Studios or Disney Studios, who recently paided $115 million to be able to distribute this Marvel Comics adaptation. Hopefully this won’t affect the upcoming filming schedule and all those SFX. The budget for The Avengers is already huge, at an estimated  , It’s gonna be push-pull until filming starts next year.

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