Avengers Mystery Package…

Sometimes being a Nerd Bastards is so fucking cool.  Today, at NB HQ, I came across a package. A 2 foot tall box with an Avengers logo on it, along with a seal that said: “Break Seal in Case of a Global Emergency – S.H.I.E.L.D Avengers protocol by order of Nick Fury”. I said to myself “Oh my, oh my, Nick Fury knows who I am, and he sent ME a package?”. I’m 30 years old and I still want to believe super heroes are real. Reality hit moments later when I saw the Hasbro Toys logo on the side of the box. It was then I realized the wicked pissah (yea, I’m from Boston, deal with it) toy company had sent me a marketing box with Avengers goodies inside. What specifically does this box contain? Well, when there’s a global emergency I’ll let you know.

Just kidding…

I have no will power or desire to follow rules; I’m a rebel like that. I opened that shit up the second I got it. I’m happy to report on the package’s glorious innards.

After breaking the yellow “in case of global emergency” seal, I flipped open the lid to find (on it’s opposite side) a nifty print featuring a group shot of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk. Below the lid were four compartments made to look like lockers. Each marked to one of the aforementioned characters. Flipping each flap open revealed a  respective 3.75 inch action figure. Neato! But wait, there’s more. Below the quartet of figures was another compartment. A trunk really. Filled with an assortment of other Avengers awesome-ness. Hulk hands, an Iron Man mask, a deluxe Iron Man figure and a Iron Man Tri-Power repulsor. Suffice to say, all this avengers stuff made me as giddy as a 5 year old.


Hasbro’s  line of toys may not be the most detailed and collector worthy items on the market,  but toys are meant to be played with. All of the products shown today are fun as hell. Heck, Mrs. Nerd Bastards was beating me off (not sexually) with Hulk hands as I shot repulsor blast at her face (again, that’s not an innuendo for anything). Point is, we’re adults and even we couldn’t ignore the chance to play with all this neat stuff. These products are fun for all ages.

Anyhow, Hasbro line of Avengers action figures and role play weapons are out now (www.hasbro.com/avengers). Pick em’ up for your wee ones or just buy them for your own enjoyment. Perhaps bring them along with you when you see the Avengers in theaters (May 4th).

Special thanks to HasbroToys for, yet again, sending Nerd Bastards some really sweet swag.

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