Back To The Future II

We don’t have flying cars, we don’t have self-tying shoes and – dammit – we don’t have pizzas that cook in under thirty seconds. We have been lied to.

The technology I’m referring to is from Robert Zemeckis’s Back To The Future Part II of course. In it, Marty McFly heads to the year 2015 and experiences a world unlike the one we currently live in. So how far off are we from the wild universe Zemekis created? A new Kickstarter project is going to find out.

The project, titled Back To The Future Again, is a planned documentary that will look at the science fiction from Back To The Future Part II and assess how much has become science fact. Hate to spoil it for you but I can answer right now: we’re a long ways off. While some of the stuff we have today surpasses Part II much, much more doesn’t even come close. Too bad too because I want nothing more than an 80’s-themed cafe with a Max Headroom-like Ronald Reagan taking my order.

The project is asking for $675,365 which is an awful lot but affording license and soundtrack fees ain’t cheap. Do you really want a documentary about Back To The Future Part II without any clips from Back To The Future Part II? The project just went live so we will see how close director John Plaskett gets.

Like many movie fans, I love all the Back To The Future films and would enjoy a documentary about the exciting settings and predictions they made. If only I had a spare $600,00 laying around. Too bad I don’t have a sports almanac from the future that could win me some money.

The project’s Kickstarter video is below.

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