Bah! Doom 3D in the Making

The original Doom video game was atmospherically awesome and fun as hell. Blood, guts and guns. Obviously, what worked in the video game didn’t work in the 2005 live-action movie starring The Rock and Karl Urban. It was shit. The only two people I know that liked it were these two girls and their cup (is it culturally “OUT” to still be making two girls one cup jokes?). What they hope to achieve with another movie is beyond me, but Universal are moving forward with a sequel according to What’s Playing..

Uni is said to be script scouting for a Doom movie that’ll make full advantage of contemporary cinema’s richest weapon – er, 3D.

According to their story, part of the reason the studio is so interested in doing another Doom film is the success of G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, which earned $300 million on a $175 budget.

Oi! I guess if you own the film rights to a property you want to get your money’s worth. And with the Tomb Raider reboot happening, taking another stab at a video game movie like DOOM is just following suit. It’s a recognizable brand and the fan base is there. I just can’t believe Rise of Cobra is the marker of success.

Will Hollywood get it right this time? Well, ScreenRant points out, that thanks to the success of the PG-13 G.I. Joe it suggests that they may try to go to the PG-13 route with Doom as well. That could up the ante a little bit. It will still probably diverge from the source material and probably offer nothing we haven’t already scene in the genre. It’ll be an action man-fest, rather than a horror/terror.  Now, as sick as I am about 3D, DOOM in the third dimension actually makes sense. Especially from a camera “first person” perspective, one of the only redeeming qualities of the 05 crap fest. That I’d like to see.

Keep in mid nothing’s officially been confirmed at this point, could also just be a possible rumor , but lets just say DOOM 3D happening. What are your thoughts? Are you optimistic our would you prefer to drag the studio doo doo heads into a office building or warehouse naked and chase them down with a “BFG”?

sources: ScreenRant via What’s Playing

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