Following several other recent announcements for the Bat family books, DC Comics is taking Barbara Gordon and Batgirl in a whole new direction. Though Gail Simone will no longer be writing the title, fan favorite Cameron Stewart will be co-writing with Brendan Fletcher, with Babs Tarr as artist. Along with the new creative team, Batgirl gets an entirely new costume design. Check out some concept design and some more thoughts further down.

Many fans are sad to see Simone leave the title, but seem to think it’s in capable hands with Stewart and Fletcher plotting the stories and Tarr providing the artwork. As part of the shift in creative teams, Tarr designed an entirely new look for Barbara Gordon, giving her a sleeker, somewhat more functional look.

The new costume, originally unveiled at, seems much more practical than past costumes. Looking more like a set of biker’s leathers, rather than a traditional, form-fitting superhero costume. Interesting to see is the snap-on cape and gloves, which seem silly but make a lot of sense. Many are already taking to social media with their approval of the new costume, a lot of them citing how it doesn’t accentuate Batgirl’s chest or butt, but still keeps her feminine looking.

Personally, I think it’s interesting to see a writer like Stewart paired with a fairly unknown artist like Tarr on what’s a fairly high profile book. This, coupled with the recent Wonder Woman creative team announcement, puts two largely unknown female creators on two big books. Maybe it’s some sort of way for DC to make up for perceived past mistakes?

What do you think of the new look and the new creative team?

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