Batman and Bane – Speech Therapist Wanted

Batman and his arch enemy Bane have some serious trouble in the “speaking clearly” section of their psyche files. As this NerdBastard has gotten older he’s found that understanding what Batman is talking about is often easier than simply hearing what Batman has said. Maybe it’s because of all the loud rock concerts, factory machines, or maybe it’s just those damn commercials that suddenly blare out 20 at times higher volume than the television program you were watching.

Nolan’s first trailer for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises has many people rewinding to take another listen to try to figure out what the hell Bane or Batman just said. I swear that if this happens in the theater this NerdBastard is in . . . someone’s getting a NerdBastard Wedgie.

P.S. Take another look at that trailer and pay close atttention to the name on the football player that runs into the endzone and the “R” in the teams logo. Remind you of anything?


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