Batman and Harley Quinn Trailer Debuts

Batman and Harley Quinn TrailerReady for your first look at The Dark Knight’s unexpected yet highly anticipated team-up with and Mister J’s number-one gal? Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive debut trailer (which you can watch below) for the Warner Bros. Animation’s upcoming Batman and Harley Quinn, and it looks absolutely perfect (puddin)! 

The direct to digital/Blu-ray/DVD animated film was announced awhile back and as you can see, is done very much in the style of the Timmverse/Batman: The Animated Series however, according to producer Bruce Timm, is not a direct continuation. I guess that is pretty clear since it does seem to have a few PG-13’ish type things in it.

THE voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, is back and teams up with Nightwing (voiced by Loren Lester) to form an unlikely alliance with the clown prince of crimes main squeeze, voiced by Harley Quinn first timer Melissa Rauch of Big Bang Theory fameThe trio band together to stop a global-eco-pocolypse caused by Poison Ivy (once again thankfully not played by Uma Thurman) and Jason Woodrue, AKA the Floronic Man, AKA bad Swamp Thing.

If the trailer is any indication this will be a fun and frivolous return to the fan favorite feel of the 90’s DC animated cartoons with a few mature twists. Something that I know many of us hope that DC/WB repeats in the future.

Batman And Harley Quinn will be released ‘sometime in the summer of 2017’ aka not soon enough.

Via: EW

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