When I think of what might make a fun game (which I do way more often than would be socially acceptable), stepping into the sweaty boots of Batman and beating the absolute shit out of everything in sight is often at the top of the list. It’s a shame then that, with the sole exception of Konami‘s sublime Batman Returns brawler on the SNES, game developers failed miserably to recreate that experience for gamers for decades. It wasn’t until 2009 that ole bats gained his most valuable gaming ally, Rocksteady Studios. Their Batman debut, Arkham Asylum, was everything Batman fans could have asked for and more, but it was far from perfect, especially in that idiotic final encounter with Joker. Luckily, the rogues over at Smosh Games and Honest Trailers were brave enough to take on the game’s eccentricities with a hilarious, brutally honest trailer of its very own.

Take a look, then let’s discuss.

All kidding aside, Arkham Asylum and its sequels really do kick all of the bat ass in the world and were absolutely the games that Gotham deserves. It’ll be sad to see Rocksteady’s take on everyone’s favorite nocturnal echo-location flying mammal man end when Arkham Knight hits new-gen consoles later this year, but it was a damn good ride while it lasted.What do you think? Were there any other Batman games you liked playing? Does the Arkham series get too much love? Find out next time at the same BASTARD TIME on the same BASTARD CHANNEL!

…Or just let us know what you think in the comments below. That works too.


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