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As of 2011, The Batmen, Robins and Batwomen of the DC comic universe have one more name to add to the family: Terry McGinnis. The Batman of 1999’s Batman Beyond and Biological son to Bruce ( Justice League Unlimited “Epilogue) will be back in an on-going series starting in January.

The publishers announced today via their blog, The Source, will be back on schedule after rumors of a new “Batman Beyond” was being heard around the grapevine back in August. Based on the animated series of a younger Batman, in a future Gotham city, the series went on hiatus after only three issues were released.

The Source responded to how this (still in progress) six-issue mini-series would be shaped, thanks to writer Adam Beechen and artist Ryan Benjamin:

“Beechen’s whodunit take, involving Batman villains past, present and future, connected with fans of the original animated series and a number of new readers intrigued by the futuristic Batman and his vast supporting cast – both familiar and new.”

As for any further details, everything will be likely be revealed during this weekend’s New York Comic Con.

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