In a world of 2016 Super Bowl Ads…there are more superheroes than you can count. We’ve got an intense spot for Captain America: Civil War, an off-the-wall Deadpool spot, and a flat-out epic X-Men: Apocalypse spot, but what about DC? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters in a little more than a month. Surely DC and Warner Brothers want to give it a worthy spot. After the polarizing response Man of Steel got from the public, there’s arguably a lot riding on the second entry in DC’s cinematic universe. Luckily for us, DC delivered the goods. 

Batman V. Superman was creatively promoted in two mock-advertisements for Turskish Airlines. The first ad discusses how, thanks to a grant from Wayne Enterprises, Gotham City has risen above its troubled past and is being restored to its former glory. The ad shows landmarks like the Gotham Opera House and says Gotham is “the city that never stops.” It even happily refers to Batman as a “local celebrity.” “There’s never been a better time to visit our great city,” says Bruce Wayne on a Turskish Airlines plane. The spot ends with Batman and Superman confronting each other.

The second ad features Lex Luthor opening up the newly-rebuilt Metropolis. Much like Gotham City, it is revealed that LexCorp refurbished Metropolis thanks to a large contribution. Superman appears to be a respected hero in the city with a statue of him featured prominently in the ad. Lex Luthor says: “we can’t wait to welcome you,” before the spot once again ends with Batman and Superman facing each other.

While these may just seem like funny little viral teasers on the surface, there is actually quite a lot of detail put into them. In the Gotham City ad, notice how the Opera House is specifically mentioned. This is an especially important location for Bruce Wayne since his parents were murdered outside of it. It also mentions that Gotham City has “risen above its past.” This is clearly a reference to how all of Batman’s arch enemies are locked up in Arkham Asylum. This movie takes place before Suicide Squad, so there is virtually no crime in the city. Why else would Batman be casually referred to as a “local celebrity?”

As for the Metropolis commercial, the way it paints Superman as a hero is worth noting. It features the same statue of Superman that was vandalized in the very first teaser trailer, and the fact that Superman’s fight with Zod decimated the city is ignored. It’s clear that in the DC Universe, Turkish Airlines is pro-Superman. The way Lex Luthor smiles at the camera is noticeably menacing, and the way he is toying with a stress ball hints that he is on the edge of insanity. Genius.

The jury’s still out on whether or not Batman v Superman will live up to the hype, but even the most adamant DC haters have to give the marketing department credit on this one.

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