In a world where Marvel and DC (and soon, Valient) movies are fighting for every dollar they can get, it is starting to be common place for these kinds of movies to get longer and longer, none coming in under 2 hours anymore. And now it seems to have become a point of pride that the follow up movie to a series is even longer than the movie before it.

Next years Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be a whopping 8 minutes longer than The Man Of Steel, putting it just over 2 1/2 hours long. That is according to a German site where the movie is already available for pre-order and with everything we already know about the movie from the many future Justice League member introductions, to throwing Doomsday at the heroes and even the promise that Doomsday is not the final act of the film, it is surprising that movie is this short. That is a lot of plot to throw at us in one sitting.

The German Premier comes one day after the US premiere on March 25th. And speaking of Germany, new footage can be seen in a grainy German television spot, however if you do not speak German, it is unlikely that you will have anything spoiled for you. However, on a bit of a personal note, I had to laugh at the moment when Luthor refers to Batman as “die fledermaus”, which is German for “The Bat”, and as any red blooded “The Tick” fanatic would know, that is the name of their Batman parody character.

If you would like to take a look at the German spot, we’ve posted it below.

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