Buried in Variety’s story about the casting of Gal Godot (Fast & Furious 6) as Wonder Woman (which we covered here) are a couple of other provocative details. Aside from the rather straight-forward secondary bit of casting scoop, news of who might potentially be playing the villain in Batman Vs Superman, is the news that there maybe another hero joining the fun. If you’re not going to have your fill of The Flash by the time he spins off from The CW’s Arrow, then you’ll have plenty more to cheer about come 2015.

Yes fans, the Scarlet Speedster is apparently also making an appearance in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, which, if true, might as well be called a backdoor Justice League pilot at this point. No word on who might play the part, or just how big a part The Flash may play, but I think we can confirm that it probably won’t be Grant Gustin. In more legit casting news, but not completely legit since it’s more rumor than anything at this point, Variety added that Callan Mulvey is currently the lead contender to play the film’s villain. No word on who that villain might be, which is kind of the opposite of The Flash rumor, but if you’re interested in Mulvey’s resume, he appeared in Zero Dark Thirty and co-stars in the upcoming 300: Rise of the Empire.

So what do you Bastards think? I Excited about The Flash or is it too much of a good thing?

Batman Vs Superman (Vs Justice League?) will be in theaters everywhere on July 17, 2015.

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