The announcement Wonder Woman will play a role in Batman vs Superman, as well as the casting of Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, has been met by a mixed response. As exciting as it is for Wonder Woman to finally appear in a major motion picture, it’s a letdown she’ll only be in a supporting role, unlike her fellow “holy trinity” members and film’s stars.

(It’s an especially painful burn when you remember WB and DC willingly gave Hal Jordan a shot at carrying his own film. Starring Ryan Reynolds, no less!)

With filming scheduled to begin early this year, producer Wesley Coller spoke with M Live (of Michigan where Batman vs. Superman will be on location) and made comments about Wondy’s significance,

[My daughter’s] favorite book is this little Wonder Woman flip book. It has the lasso, the invisible plane, the bracelets – every page has an image she’s just in awe with. And something that’s become a reality, being a dad with a new daughter, is that I have a special place in my heart for the idea of a strong, empowered female superhero being out there.

We’re super excited to have her in the film. It will be a ton of fun, but at the same time, we’ve got to stay focused on the film we’re working on now.

Happy to hear he’s hoping they’ll do justice by the character, but I won’t be happy until Wonder Woman is starring in her own feature film. The chances of that happening rely heavily on how Zack Snyder and Gal Gadot present the Amazon in Batman vs Superman, and of that I’m extremely nervous. Will we get Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises or a Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns?

Even then, we shouldn’t have to compare our expectations of a cinematic Wonder Woman to Catwoman or Lois Lane! Wonder Woman should be the definitive “strong, empowered female superhero” and it’s shameful she’s only making it to big screen now and as a bit play to Batman and Superman. </rant>

Coller also gave his two cents on the “Batfleck” controversy,

Anything you do that’s culturally significant or any time you deal with an iconic character or story, you’re going to hear responses from every possible perspective… If anything, that gauges the relevance of a property or character, and it’s invigorating to know people care that much. It inspires you to make the coolest version of the movie that you can. Ben is the perfect fit for Zack’s vision for this story.

Basically the same, recycled response we’ve heard from everyone connected to the project: Affleck is perfect for Snyder’s Batman. But… I’m still unsure if I’ll like Snyder’s Batman. Or his Wonder Woman for that matter.

Batman vs. Superman is currently scheduled to release in the oppressive summer of 2015 on July 27th. Reprising their roles from Man of Steel are Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, and Diane Lane.

Have you been following the development of this film closely? Or could you give a fuck? (Marvel Phase 3, plz.)

Source: M Live via Coming Soon

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