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In a rare bit of Hollywood restraint, the latest project to come down the recycling pipeline is actually something that’s been over and done for more than 35 years – Kung Fu. Yes, the adventures of Kwai Chang Caine, the slow-motion kicking mo-fo that wandered the Old West and beat up the bad guys shall be coming to theaters near you. And now it looks like Legendary Pictures may be lining up one unusual choice of directors – Baz Luhrmann.

Those that know Luhrmann will probably remember him for stylistic flicks such as Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and, his most recent movie, The Great Gatsby. He’s also known for his rather unusual style, mixing period stories with modern day elements to create a cross-generation method of interpretation. Some love him (myself included) while others are not so kind with their opinions.

If Luhrmann gets the job, he’ll also be rewriting the script for Kung Fu. The current script is said to take the main character of the old television show and put him in China instead of the American Old West. And he’ll be searching for his father as opposed to wandering about and playing hero.

Which brings up the question of whether Luhrmann is going to be using his signature style in its production. It is, technically, a period piece. But would the anachronistic approach lend itself well to Kung Fu? I’m guessing that hardcore fans of the show would be up-in-arms, more so perhaps that they’ll already be at the changing of the essential story.

So what say the Nerd Readers? Does this sound like a combo you could get behind? Or is this all wrong for a Kung Fu movie adaptation?


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