The Deadpool Blu-Ray/DVD hits on May 10th and the Deadpool Marketing team is back at it with this new trailer. It’s everything you want in Deadpool marketing and hopefully, somewhere there’s a marketing award ceremony that the Deadpool Marketeers can sweep and win all the awards, they deserve it. Never change Deadpool marketing team, don’t ever change. You’re a delightful, irreverent, cleverly twisted, and we all love you for it.

As if you needed another reason to get your hands on the Deadpool Blu-Ray/DVD, here’s the trailer. While we know it is Ryan Reynolds‘ voice over, it’s hard to tell if he’s really in the suit, or if it’s just a stand in.

Now that is prime stuff, Deadpool being Deadpool. While it doesn’t answer that age of question of why the hell there are so many bathtubs in Erectile Dysfunction medicine commercials, (Seriously, sex in a bathtub or shower is horrible, you’re always to cold, there’s now room to move, and someone is gonna have to clean all that water on the floor up.), is it does offer us some more Deadpool fun.

The Deadpool Blu-Ray/DVD hits May 10th, grab your copy at the store or just buy the Digital download.

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