The news is that Osama Bid Laden has been killed by American forces (Woo hoo). It’s Bin a long time coming…

The only thing we’re contributing to the news about the death of Osama is this collection of hilarious tweets on Twitter:

@me_irl Beloved character actor Osama bin Laden, star of TV’s “Fox News”, dies age 54 (thanks for the only fitting headline)

@fart Osama Bin Laden was killed before Duke Nukem Forever came out

@nerdbastards Osama is dead and all I can think of is “The Sand People are easily startled, but they will soon be back, and in greater numbers.”

@headgeek666 well, they start “shooting” The Avengers and then this happens. Connected? I think so!

@ChrisU President Obama, which birth certificate is yours? Answer: “It’s the one that says bad motherfucker.”

@burritojohnson “Osama Bin Laden: Hide and Seek Champion 2001-2011”

@tylerkepner: So now we know what Jack Bauer’s been doing since the end of “24”

@nodqdotcom Thank you for dying Bin Laden, so now we don’t have to hear about the Royal Wedding anymore.

@briguysalisbury Tonight’s celebration is so epic, Lucas already recut it and digitally inserted Hayden Christensen

@Slashleen I’d be scared if I was Michelle Obama’s pussy right now.

@headgeek666 I’d literally cum if the soldier that shot Osama was named Steve Rogers

@geektrooper You guys know what this all means right? FREEDOM FRIES IS MAKING A COMEBACK BITCH!

@ThatChrisGore Osama Bin Laden was shot in the head. Happy our US Navy Seals avoided a potential Zombie Bin Laden situation. #OsamaBinLadenDead

@brentalfloss Donald Trump: “Where’s the death certificate?!”

@albertxii I wonder if Superman regrets renouncing his US citizenship now.

@jasonschreier BREAKING: Osama bin Laden is dead. Shouldn’t have put his address on PSN.

@CobraCommander This is why you hide in an impenetrable island fortress, not in a cave.

In all seriousness, a great evil has been removed. To all our troops, thank you for the sacrifices you make. Truly, you’re the superheroes.

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