When I picked my universities, they needed two criteria: 1.) be far away from home, and 2.) be relatively warm. I ended up going to Clark in Atlanta and Norfolk State in Virginia, scoring on both essentials. The third imperative was that they had to be good schools too. Yes, the twisted priorities of an 18 yr-old. Syracuse University is too far into Freezytown, USA, so that was never even an option for me. But I’d have totally considered it if they’d offered a Doctor Who class because I’m obsessed with that shit. Only real Whovians and high school slackers of the highest (lowest) order need read on!

doctor who class

I don’t remember my schools offering cool, time-wasting classes like this. In fact, I only vaguely recollect my friend telling me about a ‘Simpsons’ course he took at Rutgers University. Somewhere along the line, throwaway courses became the rage and guys like Professor Anthony Rotolo of the Newhouse School at Syracuse University are providing the glow sticks. Here’s some background on him and his other class, ‘Star Trek.’

“Rotolo’s signature course on social media, known by the hashtag #RotoloClass, has been called a “Twitter legend” for its unique use of real-time social media in the classroom. Rotolo himself has been dubbed the “Rocket Man” and the “The Star Trek Professor” for his “Trek Class”, which examines the science and fiction of Star Trek, including the show’s relevance to modern-day issues of science, technology and popular culture. Trek Class has been featured by CBS on as a regular series of articles written by Professor Rotolo”

 No, ‘Doctor Who’ is not considered an official class, but students can petition for it to count toward their degrees. As an independent study course, the ‘Doctor Who (UN)Class‘ covers “the history, evolution and cultural impact of the long-running BBC program, Doctor Who.”  You bet your ass I’d have started that petition before even packing my bags.

star trek class

When you’re that far upstate New York, just say you’re in Canada – which is America’s hat. Wonderful place to visit in the summer, but it in no way keeps America’s head warm. So if you go to Syracuse U., you either love being cold or you’re waaaay too into Doctor Who. I was kidding before – there’s no way in hell I’d play Fro-zone for four years just for one semester of nerdity. Pfffft, I do that shit every day of my life for free. In fact, I need to know LESS about Who because my geeky references keep failing with the women. Nope, and it’s too far away. There’s New York City and then over 300 more miles of New York going north. Nobody thinks about it like that but it’s true. And cold.

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