10 days and counting until Avengers: Endgame is upon us. Fans across the globe await with bated breath. Who will live? Who will die? Nothing is certain and everyone wants answers. Some will even cheat to get them. Endgame leaks are already out there, and with leaks come the inevitable spoilers. Some will be accurate, some won’t. But they’ll all serve to ruin the experience of witnessing the story as the creators meant for you to witness it. For some that won’t matter. Some trolls are just out to ruin everyone else’s good time. Will you cave-in and find a leaked copy to watch? Will you stay true to the experience and dodge every spoiler alert? Can you avoid every troll spewing spoilers?

Not all watchers of the leaked copy are necessarily evil trolls out to ruin your good time. A 10-day wait may be too long for some. They’ll cave, watch the leak, and then have the overwhelming urge to tell someone else about it. If you can’t wait? Fine. But don’t be the person that ruins it for other people.

If you can wait and are anxious to see the movie without a single spoiler, there are some places you might want to stay away from.

Twitter has the added feature of being able to mute certain words. That may help keep spoilers off your timeline, muting any mention of Avengers, characters from the Avengers, or the word Endgame, until after you’ve seen the movie. But even that’s no guarantee.

Some subreddits have Mods ever vigilant, eyes peeled for any errant spoiler, even ready to bring down The Ban Hammer on any malcontent. But not all subreddits are made equal, and moderators can’t grab every spoiler before someone sees it. Even avoiding Avengers-specific subreddits won’t save you as many have fled those subreddits to hang out in other fandom themed subreddits. Talk of Avengers is everywhere you go now.

Avoid comment sections and forums, keep your Facebook usage to a minimum and look for Spoiler tags and alerts when general browsing.

When one has to resort to such internet gymnastics to avoid a topic, it’s almost easier to just avoid social media altogether until you see the film. And hey, maybe a small hiatus would do you some good. Unplug, walk away and stay out of pocket for a few days. Social media will still be there after Endgame. If you want it.

What do you think? Can you avoid spoilers? Are they that big of a deal to you? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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