There was once this thing called Aliens and for a while, it was good. Then the franchise kind of got ground down by a series of sub par sequels, spin-offs and other things; but often times a franchise’s expanded universe can do things that a movie series can not, like put out a compelling product. This is not a story about one of those, this is a story about the other kind.

The multi-platform game Aliens: Colonial Marines was released earlier this year, and it was a resounding critical bomb. Ranked somewhere between 43 and 48 per cent on Meta Critic, the critical drubbing is owed to several apparent controversies including a tight production schedule and the allegation that the video game maker, Gearbox outsourced a lot of the work to other companies while still collecting their pay checks from Sega.

Now Aliens star Michael Biehn, who lent his voice to the game in order to reprise his role as Cpl Hicks, has added himself to chorus of people talking about where the game went wrong. Here’s what he told Game Informer:

It seemed kind of passionless. I think in movies, television, and the gaming world, you get some people that are really, really passionate, and some people that are just going through the paces. They think that because they have a brand name they’re going to get a hit game or hit movie out of it. That certainly was the situation on [Aliens: Colonial Marines].

I’m pretty sure that’s where a lot of sequels go off the rails, with people thinking that brand recognition alone will guarantee box office success, but the ongoing lesson that people fail to learn is that it doesn’t. Listen to Biehn, people! Listen to Biehn.

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