We have been here before, talk of shredded scripts and backhanded notes and questions of the truthiness (it’s a word, back off) of that even happening, hell even rumors of a recasting. The question remains, will Bill Murray reprise the role of Dr. Peter Venkman Ph.D in a third Ghostbusters?

If you just screamed out ‘please dear Vigo, let him return’, well, I think you should sit down. This is going to hurt. The Telegraph had a chance to ask Dan Aykroyd the question everyone asks, and he finally had a straight answer.

“At this point it’s in suspended animation. The studio, the director Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis feel there must be a way to do it, but Bill Murray will not do the movie.”

Do you need a moment?

“He doesn’t want to be involved. He’s got six kids, houses all over America. He golfs in these tournaments where they pay him to turn up and have a laugh. He’s into this life and living it. I know we’d have a lot of fun [but] I can’t be mad at him. He’s a friend first, a colleague second. We have a deep personal relationship that transcends business and he doesn’t want to know.”

It sounds like Aykroyd respects Murray’s decision and we should just move on. Without Venkman, there is no Ghostbusters, right? Can we officially say that Ghostbusters 3 is dead in the water?

“We’re not going to do a movie that exploits the franchise. The script has to be perfect. I’m the cheerleader, but I’m only one voice in the matter. It’s a surety that Bill Murray will not do the movie, however there is still interest from the studio.”

Argh. No no no. Let it go, Okay? A third movie without the involvement of Murray is exploiting the franchise. I am not saying that Venkman is anymore vital than any other member of the team, if Ramis or Aykroyd or even Ernie Hudson was unable or unwilling to toss on a proton pack and bust a ghost or two for the first time in over 20 years, I’d be saying the same thing.


As much as part of me would love to see it, I don’t think it would work, I doubt any script ever would be perfect. We will always have the first one and the handful of good parts from the second, the cartoon, hell even the comic books and  toys. I am not some fair-weather fan, either. Back in the 80’s I dressed up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween three times. In a row. I still debate it as a viable costume each and every year. Ghostbusters is near and dear to my heart and many others, we have great memories from what has been done.

Let us keep that, Mr. Aykroyd, please?

I’ll make you a deal. If you stop all progress on making a third movie, if you back off and just leave it all alone, if you make this movie NOT happen… I will drink multiple bottles of your (delicious) Crystal Head Vodka. Now, I am going to drink the booze anyways, but at least this way it will be for a good cause.

My quivering liver awaits your response.


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