The film rights to Ready Player One have been owned by Warner Bros since the day Ernest Cline finalised his deal for the original novel with publisher Random House, a full year before the book was even released. In the five years since then, the book has won multiple awards and hype for the film has only built and built. Cline himself wrote the screenplay, with rewrites provideded by Eric Eason and Zak Penn. In 2015, Steven Spielberg joined the team as a director, along with John Williams composing the score. Olivia Cooke, Simon Pegg and Mark Rylance have all secured a place in the cast.

With each new announcement, this film just gets better and better.

Though it’s not due for release until 2018 and official announcements are still few and far between, people have taken to Twitter over the past week to vent their excitement about the recent shoots taking place in Birmingham in Great Britain.

A local police officer called Dave Thompson managed to snap a few cool photos on his way to work that give a revealing glimpse into what we can expect from the film.

Birmingham’s official tourism board didn’t miss out on the chance to let the world know about their newest claim to fame.

All kinds of other people – from curious locals who just happen to passing by to people working on the set who can’t resist sharing it with the world – have also taken to Twitter to offer their own little teasers.

Some eagle-eyed fans even manaed to work an easter egg hunt into their stroll past – after all, the original book was known for its elaborate hidden competition that won one avid gamer and reader a DeLorean in 2012. It makes sense that they’d put at least a little effort into recreating that in the film.

Though hopefully there’ll be something a little more subtle than those in the final product – which, based on the delicious sneak previews we’ve seen here, is going to be something special.

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