The adventures of three naughty little ducklings who were only supposed to appear for one episode, the original DuckTales was created in response to huge public demand for more stories about Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, the three nephews of Disney‘s classic character Donald. They appeared for the first time having been dumped on their Uncle Donald temporarily, while their father was in the hospital recovering from one of their pranks. When their antics became too much for yet another guardian, they were dumped onto old Scrooge McDuck who, suddenly forced to interact with his three grand-nephews, was inevitably dragged into all sorts of hijinks.

This summer, Disney XD is launching a revival of the show, complete with a modern new makeover for its main cast and a whole host of big dogs on the cartoon scene working on the production.

Rob Renzetti and Matt Youngberg, who have worked on My Life As A Teenage Robot and Ben 10: Omniverse respectively, are signed on to produce and develop. Wonder Over Yonder‘s Franciso Angones will be co-producing as well as story-editing. Sean Jiminez of Gravity Falls fame will be the show’s Art Director.

As if that wasn’t an impressive enough team, it has now been announced that musical and theatrical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda has joined the cast.

He’ll be taking on the role of Gizmoduck – that is, Fenton Crackshell when he’s in his civilian attire – the hero of Duckberg. First created by the crotchety old Scrooge McDuck as the high-tech body guard of his vast stores of wealth, Gizmoduck has become an iconic part of the Duckberg community over the years, as the friendly secretary to the old miser and the protector of the innocent and all things shiny and gold.

The rest of the team have made their joy at having Miranda on board quite explicit. Angones has talked about working with Miranda to create a “Latino hero” for the Latin American community, and Youngberg summed up why the choice was so perfect for them, saying simply:

“Lin came to mind instantly for the role of Gizmoduck. His rapid-fire earnestness paired with his wide-eyed yet determined optimism made him the perfect person to yell ‘BLATHERING BLATHERSKITE!'”

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