And here we go again. This time the rumor mill has cranked out something I WANT!!! Anne Hathaway is my one and only someone. The girl I have a giggly, blush faced thing for. After seeing those tits in Brokeback Mountain (yes, there is something besides gay cowboys in that awesome movie), I was one smitten kitten.

Speaking of kittens, next runner up for potential Black Cat in Spiderman 4..Anne Hathaway. And thats that. I think they found a winner and if she knew what was good for her she’d nab it. I like Rachel McAdams, but Anne is the best pic I believe besides my first choice Angelina Jolie…Although I’m not a drooling fan of hers, I do think she has the cleavage, the lips, and oozes the charismatic sexiness needed for Black Cat.

Would the real Black Cat please stand up.

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