So… cosplayers, right? There are thousands of them out there out there all dressed up in their fanciest, and often elaborate costumes showing off their love and support of pop culture’s biggest (and oftentimes most obscure) icons. Sadly, playing dress up is beyond the capability of most fan-boys and girls who’s sewing and craft skills are limited to folded paper pirate hats and projects that only require some well-placed duct tape. For the lazy, the cheap, and the not so clothing craft inclined, there is a company that is offering stylistic jackets to help you feel/look like a hero without all the hassle. 

Biker Jackets have been stigmatized for their association with big bad burly men and  dudes with the “Love/Hate” tattooed on their knuckles. Forget about them. This is the age of Superheros! As a sign of the times, USAJACKET offers a wide assortment of geek approved jackets. Fashionable outerwear inspired from the likes of Superman, Batman, Daredevil, Green Arrow, Deadpool and many more

The key word there being “fashionable”. Head to H&M, Bloomingdales, or whatever major department store and most leather jackets nowadays are modern-esque with slimming looks and stylistic designs – call them  “East European Starter Kits”. USAJACKET takes that trendy look… but puts a super hero spin on them, and in most cases, also match their wears completely to the movies from which they are inspired.

USAJACKET  offers a large of variety of vintage leather jackets, leather bomber jackets, designer leather jackets, Varsity And Letterman Jackets, and much more. Their jackets are made of quality soft synthetic leather and fine interior lining that offers a layer of comfort – you can fight crime and feel snug as a bug at the same time! Pretty much all of USAJACKET stock of coats/jackets are a good look for anyone. You can look and feel like a superhero without that awkwardness of wearing spandex in public.

Clothes maketh the man. With a superhero inspired jacket from USAJACKET, what do you think that makes you? Well… a guy wearing a jacket, duh! But you’ll look fashionable and have a heroic skip in your step. And hey, maybe a little kid will come up to you and want to take a picture with you ’cause they think you’re the real deal. That kid is probably a little special (You. A superhero?) but isn’t the sentiment just as sweet?

And right now is the best time to buy. Up to 70% off (thanks everyones favorite shopping time of the year, Black Friday). There are some killer deals on Blade Runner 2049 Coat, Finn Star Wars Jacket and Poe Dameron Star Wars Jacket and more.

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