Blue Beetle Live Action Demo Trailer


About a month ago, we got news that we will be getting a TV show about a hero that wears a metal bug armor. No, it’s not Kamen Rider and no, it’s not the Beetleborgs. It’s DC’s Blue Beetle. To be exact, it’s Jamie Reyes as the Blue Beetle. Now that Comic-Con has come and go, the public finally gets to see the demo trailer that was shown at the show and folks, it’s pretty cool.

While all I know about the Blue Beetle is from the Batman: The Brave and the Bold (the show has Plastic and thus is one of the greatest shows on TV) show, which happens to be Jamie Reyes’ BB, the live action trailer seems faithful to what the costume looks like. Also, it seems that we will see the Blue Beetle during the last season of Smallville, probably in order to prep the audience for the Blue Beetle show. Oh great…just by the simple mention of the show, I now have the damn Beetleborgs theme song stuck in my head.

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