As the DC Extended Universe expands on the big screen and DC characters are taking over the small screen with The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, and Supergirl (not to mention Lucifer, which will hit screens early next year), DC comics fans are more excited than they have been in years.  After Warner Brothers announced their upcoming slate of DCEU films, which included solo movies from most of the Justice League as well as two Justice League movies, fans began to speculate as to which other characters from DC’s stable would show up on some screen, in some fashion.  Well, DC fans, we have some absolutely stellar news for you: Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will be teaming up for a buddy-cop superhero movie that will be directed by Greg Berlanti.


According to Tracking Board, the project will be helmed by Berlanti, who has had a finger in several DC projects, including the highly successful Arrow and Flash series’ and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow on CW, as well as Supergirl over at CBS.  He also had a hand in creating 2011’s Green Lantern but try not to hold that against him.  Try.

Interestingly, Booster and Beetle were initially expected to show up in one of the CW shows, especially considering that Booster Gold happens to be the father of Rip Hunter, who will play an important part of Legends.  Those rumors were put to rest when Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer spoke with THR last month:

I wish I could tease a Booster thing but, you might have to wait a good long while at least on our show. Perhaps Booster is being groomed for bigger things.

Well played, Phil, well played.

In addition to Berlanti, who has earned the cautious optimism of comic book fans, the project also may be circling another comic book adaptation vet, Zak Penn, to write the screenplay.  The news of Penn’s involvement comes from Heroic Hollywood, who has been scooping the hell out of all things DCEU.  Keep in mind, however, many of their scoops have been rumors that are yet to be confirmed by any studio, so we still suggest that you take the news with a grain of salt until the official announcement.  The reason you should hope this one isn’t true? While Penn has helped develop several Marvel properties with FOX, the properties he has worked on have been some of the movies that fans wish that they could forget, including Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand, and 2005’s Fantastic Four.  Combine this resume with the Berlanti project that we wish we could forget and there is definitely potential for disaster.


For those unfamiliar with the characters, DC Wikia offers this information:

Booster Gold is a time-traveling super-hero from the 25th Century who uses high-tech equipment to fight crime, alongside his robotic side-kick Skeets. His best friend and most regular partner is Blue Beetle. Not taken very seriously by his peers because of a careless and somewhat egotistical attitude, he is frequently under-estimated. Briefly taking the alias Supernova during 52, he begins secretly working with Rip Hunter as a guardian of the timestream. He has been a member of the Justice League, Time Masters, Conglomerate, Extreme Justice and Super Buddies. Booster Gold was created by Dan Jurgens, first appearing in Booster Gold #1. (1986)

So far, the only movie in the DCEU that audiences have had a chance to experience is Man of Steel, which divided critics almost right down the middle, with a 56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  The two movies that will be unleashed on audiences next year will definitely expand on that film, as Batman v. Superman will focus on Batman’s reaction to the destruction left in Man of Steel’s wake, while Suicide Squad will continue down the road left by BvS when it hits screens later in the year.  The true difference between the two, however, will be in the directing style.  While Zack Snyder, who directed Man of Steel and BvS, has a strong fan base, he also has plenty of audiences out there that he will still need to win over in order to truly launch the DCEU.  Snyder has often sacrificed plot and character development in lieu of stylized shots and action scenes, while Suicide Squad director David Ayer, on the other hand, is a completely different type of director, ditching style and flash for a more character driven, realistic and gritty approach that earned him nominations (and wins) for several awards after last year’s Fury.  This difference is painfully obvious when viewing the trailers for each of those films:

BvS does have the novelty of two of DC’s biggest characters going toe-to-toe while also providing audiences with their first big screen Wonder Woman but there is no doubt that Suicide Squad has the potential to move past the novelty to treat audiences to a very well made film.  Only time will tell but for now, let’s hope the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up will be more than just a passing fad.

Are you excited for a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle flick?  Which upcoming DCEU film are you most excited to see?


Source: THR, TB, HH, DC Wikia

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