Box Office Draw- “Quick Hitlist”

The horses have crossed the finish line, and here is your top 5! Just so you can sound like a “baseball stats of the movies” kinda guy!

1)  Funny People– 23,440,000

2) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince– 17,700,000

3) G-Force– 17,058,000

4) The Ugly Truth -13,000,000

5) Aliens in the Attic – 7,800,000

The Ugly Truth is still holding up well, to bring its 2 week total to a 54 and half million take for a 38 million budget, proving as cunty as Heigl is in real life, people still love her as a leading lady….Myself included. Funny People came in first as predicted but to a much lower bank than I had expected.  The big disappointment here is Fox’s Aliens in the Attic with a paltrey 7 mill, with 45 budget. The first week’s take is a sure sign, and it appears for Fox, it was a STOP sign.

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